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package version

import ""


Package Files

api_server.go client.go


const (
    // MajorVersion is the current major version for pachyderm.
    MajorVersion = 1
    // MinorVersion is the current minor version for pachyderm.
    MinorVersion = 9
    // MicroVersion is the patch number for pachyderm.
    MicroVersion = 8


var (
    // AdditionalVersion is the string provided at release time
    // The value is passed to the linker at build time
    // DO NOT set the value of this variable here. For some reason, if
    // AdditionalVersion is set here, the go linker will not overwrite it.
    AdditionalVersion string

    // Version is the current version for pachyderm.
    Version = &pb.Version{
        Major:      MajorVersion,
        Minor:      MinorVersion,
        Micro:      MicroVersion,
        Additional: AdditionalVersion,

func GetServerVersion Uses

func GetServerVersion(clientConn *grpc.ClientConn) (*pb.Version, error)

GetServerVersion gets the server *Version given the *grpc.ClientConn.

func IsAtLeast Uses

func IsAtLeast(major, minor int) bool

IsAtLeast returns true if Pachyderm is at least at the given version. This allows us to gate backwards-incompatible features on release boundaries.

func NewAPIServer Uses

func NewAPIServer(version *pb.Version, options APIServerOptions) pb.APIServer

NewAPIServer creates a new APIServer for the given Version.

func PrettyPrintVersion Uses

func PrettyPrintVersion(version *pb.Version) string

PrettyPrintVersion returns a version string optionally tagged with metadata. For example: "1.2.3", or "1.2.3rc1" if version.Additional is "rc1".

func PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional Uses

func PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional(version *pb.Version) string

PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional returns a version string without version.Additional.

func PrettyVersion Uses

func PrettyVersion() string

PrettyVersion calls PrettyPrintVersion on Version and returns the result.

func String Uses

func String(v *pb.Version) string

String returns a string representation of the Version.

type APIServerOptions Uses

type APIServerOptions struct {
    DisableLogging bool

APIServerOptions are options when creating a new APIServer.



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