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package version

import ""


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api_server.go client.go


const (
    // MajorVersion is the current major version for pachyderm.
    MajorVersion = 1
    // MinorVersion is the current minor version for pachyderm.
    MinorVersion = 11
    // MicroVersion is the patch number for pachyderm.
    MicroVersion = 0


var (
    // AdditionalVersion is the string provided at release time
    // The value is passed to the linker at build time
    // DO NOT set the value of this variable here. For some reason, if
    // AdditionalVersion is set here, the go linker will not overwrite it.
    AdditionalVersion string

    // Version is the current version for pachyderm.
    Version = &pb.Version{
        Major:      MajorVersion,
        Minor:      MinorVersion,
        Micro:      MicroVersion,
        Additional: AdditionalVersion,

func BranchFromVersion Uses

func BranchFromVersion(version *pb.Version) string

BranchFromVersion returns version string for the release branch patch release of .0 is always from the master. Others are from the M.m.x branch

func GetServerVersion Uses

func GetServerVersion(clientConn *grpc.ClientConn) (*pb.Version, error)

GetServerVersion gets the server *Version given the *grpc.ClientConn.

func IsAtLeast Uses

func IsAtLeast(major, minor int) bool

IsAtLeast returns true if Pachyderm is at least at the given version. This allows us to gate backwards-incompatible features on release boundaries.

func IsCustomRelease Uses

func IsCustomRelease(version *pb.Version) bool

IsCustomRelease returns true if versionAdditional is a hex commit hash that is 40 characters long

func IsUnstable Uses

func IsUnstable() bool

IsUnstable will return true for alpha or beta builds, and false otherwise.

func NewAPIServer Uses

func NewAPIServer(version *pb.Version, options APIServerOptions) pb.APIServer

NewAPIServer creates a new APIServer for the given Version.

func PrettyPrintVersion Uses

func PrettyPrintVersion(version *pb.Version) string

PrettyPrintVersion returns a version string optionally tagged with metadata. For example: "1.2.3", or "1.2.3rc1" if version.Additional is "rc1".

func PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional Uses

func PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional(version *pb.Version) string

PrettyPrintVersionNoAdditional returns a version string without version.Additional.

func PrettyVersion Uses

func PrettyVersion() string

PrettyVersion calls PrettyPrintVersion on Version and returns the result.

func String Uses

func String(v *pb.Version) string

String returns a string representation of the Version.

type APIServerOptions Uses

type APIServerOptions struct {
    DisableLogging bool

APIServerOptions are options when creating a new APIServer.



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