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package s3

import ""


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auth.go bucket.go controller.go error.go multipart.go object.go s3.go service.go util.go

func Server Uses

func Server(port, pachdPort uint16) (*http.Server, error)

Server runs an HTTP server with an S3-like API for PFS. This allows you to use s3 clients to acccess PFS contents.

This returns an `http.Server` instance. It is the responsibility of the caller to start the returned server. It's possible for the caller to gracefully shutdown the server if desired; see the `http` package for details.

Note: server errors are redirected to logrus' standard log writer. The log writer is never closed. This should not be a problem with logrus' default configuration, which just writes to stdio. But if the standard logger is overwritten (e.g. to write to a socket), it's possible for this to cause problems.

Note: In `s3cmd`, you must set the access key and secret key, even though this API will ignore them - otherwise, you'll get an opaque config error:

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