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package printer

import "github.com/pingcap/tidb/util/printer"


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var (
    TiDBBuildTS   = "None"
    TiDBGitHash   = "None"
    TiDBGitBranch = "None"
    TiDBEdition   = "None"
    // TiKVMinVersion is the minimum version of TiKV that can be compatible with the current TiDB.
    TiKVMinVersion = "v3.0.0-60965b006877ca7234adaced7890d7b029ed1306"

Version information.

func GetPrintResult Uses

func GetPrintResult(cols []string, datas [][]string) (string, bool)

GetPrintResult gets a result with a formatted string.

func GetTiDBInfo Uses

func GetTiDBInfo() string

GetTiDBInfo returns the git hash and build time of this tidb-server binary.

func PrintTiDBInfo Uses

func PrintTiDBInfo()

PrintTiDBInfo prints the TiDB version information.

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