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package brokerapi

import ""


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api.go catalog.go context_utils.go failure_response.go maintenance_info.go response.go service_broker.go


const (
    PermissionRouteForwarding = domain.PermissionRouteForwarding
    PermissionSyslogDrain     = domain.PermissionSyslogDrain
    PermissionVolumeMount     = domain.PermissionVolumeMount

Deprecated: Use


var (
    ErrInstanceAlreadyExists = apiresponses.ErrInstanceAlreadyExists

    ErrInstanceDoesNotExist = apiresponses.ErrInstanceDoesNotExist

    ErrInstanceLimitMet = apiresponses.ErrInstanceLimitMet

    ErrBindingAlreadyExists = apiresponses.ErrBindingAlreadyExists

    ErrBindingDoesNotExist = apiresponses.ErrBindingDoesNotExist

    ErrBindingNotFound = apiresponses.ErrBindingNotFound

    ErrAsyncRequired = apiresponses.ErrAsyncRequired

    ErrPlanChangeNotSupported = apiresponses.ErrPlanChangeNotSupported

    ErrRawParamsInvalid = apiresponses.ErrRawParamsInvalid

    ErrAppGuidNotProvided = apiresponses.ErrAppGuidNotProvided

    ErrPlanQuotaExceeded = apiresponses.ErrPlanQuotaExceeded

    ErrServiceQuotaExceeded = apiresponses.ErrServiceQuotaExceeded

    ErrConcurrentInstanceAccess = apiresponses.ErrConcurrentInstanceAccess

    ErrMaintenanceInfoConflict = apiresponses.ErrMaintenanceInfoConflict

    ErrMaintenanceInfoNilConflict = apiresponses.ErrMaintenanceInfoNilConflict

Deprecated: Use

func AddServicePlanToContext Uses

func AddServicePlanToContext(ctx context.Context, plan *ServicePlan) context.Context

func AddServiceToContext Uses

func AddServiceToContext(ctx context.Context, service *Service) context.Context

func AttachRoutes Uses

func AttachRoutes(router *mux.Router, serviceBroker ServiceBroker, logger lager.Logger)

func BindableValue Uses

func BindableValue(v bool) *bool

Deprecated: Use

func FreeValue Uses

func FreeValue(v bool) *bool

Deprecated: Use

func GetJsonNames Uses

func GetJsonNames(s reflect.Value) (res []string)

Deprecated: Use

func New Uses

func New(serviceBroker ServiceBroker, logger lager.Logger, brokerCredentials BrokerCredentials) http.Handler

type AsyncBindResponse Uses

type AsyncBindResponse = apiresponses.AsyncBindResponse

Deprecated: Use

type BindDetails Uses

type BindDetails = domain.BindDetails

Deprecated: Use

type BindResource Uses

type BindResource = domain.BindResource

Deprecated: Use

type Binding Uses

type Binding = domain.Binding

Deprecated: Use

type BindingResponse Uses

type BindingResponse = apiresponses.BindingResponse

Deprecated: Use

type BrokerCredentials Uses

type BrokerCredentials struct {
    Username string
    Password string

type CatalogResponse Uses

type CatalogResponse = apiresponses.CatalogResponse

Deprecated: Use

type DeprovisionDetails Uses

type DeprovisionDetails = domain.DeprovisionDetails

Deprecated: Use

type DeprovisionResponse Uses

type DeprovisionResponse = apiresponses.DeprovisionResponse

Deprecated: Use

type DeprovisionServiceSpec Uses

type DeprovisionServiceSpec = domain.DeprovisionServiceSpec

Deprecated: Use

type DetailsWithRawContext Uses

type DetailsWithRawContext interface {

Deprecated: Use

type DetailsWithRawParameters Uses

type DetailsWithRawParameters interface {

Deprecated: Use

type EmptyResponse Uses

type EmptyResponse = apiresponses.EmptyResponse

Deprecated: Use

type ErrorResponse Uses

type ErrorResponse = apiresponses.ErrorResponse

Deprecated: Use

type ExperimentalVolumeMount Uses

type ExperimentalVolumeMount = domain.ExperimentalVolumeMount

Deprecated: Use

type ExperimentalVolumeMountBindingResponse Uses

type ExperimentalVolumeMountBindingResponse = apiresponses.ExperimentalVolumeMountBindingResponse

Deprecated: Use

type ExperimentalVolumeMountPrivate Uses

type ExperimentalVolumeMountPrivate = domain.ExperimentalVolumeMountPrivate

Deprecated: Use

type FailureResponse Uses

type FailureResponse = apiresponses.FailureResponse

Deprecated: Use FailureResponse can be returned from any of the `ServiceBroker` interface methods which allow an error to be returned. Doing so will provide greater control over the HTTP response.

func NewFailureResponse Uses

func NewFailureResponse(err error, statusCode int, loggerAction string) *FailureResponse

Deprecated: Use NewFailureResponse returns a pointer to a new instance of FailureResponse. err will by default be used as both a logging message and HTTP response description. statusCode is the HTTP status code to be returned, must be 4xx or 5xx loggerAction is a short description which will be used as the action if the error is logged.

type FailureResponseBuilder Uses

type FailureResponseBuilder = apiresponses.FailureResponseBuilder

Deprecated: Use FailureResponseBuilder provides a fluent set of methods to build a *FailureResponse.

func NewFailureResponseBuilder Uses

func NewFailureResponseBuilder(err error, statusCode int, loggerAction string) *FailureResponseBuilder

Deprecated: Use NewFailureResponseBuilder returns a pointer to a newly instantiated FailureResponseBuilder Accepts required arguments to create a FailureResponse.

type GetBindingResponse Uses

type GetBindingResponse = apiresponses.GetBindingResponse

Deprecated: Use

type GetBindingSpec Uses

type GetBindingSpec = domain.GetBindingSpec

Deprecated: Use

type GetInstanceDetailsSpec Uses

type GetInstanceDetailsSpec = domain.GetInstanceDetailsSpec

Deprecated: Use

type GetInstanceResponse Uses

type GetInstanceResponse = apiresponses.GetInstanceResponse

Deprecated: Use

type LastOperation Uses

type LastOperation = domain.LastOperation

Deprecated: Use

type LastOperationResponse Uses

type LastOperationResponse = apiresponses.LastOperationResponse

Deprecated: Use

type LastOperationState Uses

type LastOperationState = domain.LastOperationState

Deprecated: Use

const (
    InProgress LastOperationState = "in progress"
    Succeeded  LastOperationState = "succeeded"
    Failed     LastOperationState = "failed"

Deprecated: Use

type MaintenanceInfo Uses

type MaintenanceInfo = domain.MaintenanceInfo

Deprecated: Use

type PollDetails Uses

type PollDetails = domain.PollDetails

Deprecated: Use

type PreviousValues Uses

type PreviousValues = domain.PreviousValues

Deprecated: Use

type ProvisionDetails Uses

type ProvisionDetails = domain.ProvisionDetails

Deprecated: Use

type ProvisionedServiceSpec Uses

type ProvisionedServiceSpec = domain.ProvisionedServiceSpec

Deprecated: Use

type ProvisioningResponse Uses

type ProvisioningResponse = apiresponses.ProvisioningResponse

Deprecated: Use

type RequiredPermission Uses

type RequiredPermission = domain.RequiredPermission

Deprecated: Use

type Schema Uses

type Schema = domain.Schema

Deprecated: Use

type Service Uses

type Service = domain.Service

Deprecated: Use

func RetrieveServiceFromContext Uses

func RetrieveServiceFromContext(ctx context.Context) *Service

type ServiceBindingSchema Uses

type ServiceBindingSchema = domain.ServiceBindingSchema

Deprecated: Use

type ServiceBroker Uses

type ServiceBroker interface {

Deprecated: Use Each method of the ServiceBroker interface maps to an individual endpoint of the Open Service Broker API.

The specification is available here:

The OpenAPI documentation is available here:

type ServiceDashboardClient Uses

type ServiceDashboardClient = domain.ServiceDashboardClient

Deprecated: Use

type ServiceInstanceSchema Uses

type ServiceInstanceSchema = domain.ServiceInstanceSchema

Deprecated: Use

type ServiceMetadata Uses

type ServiceMetadata = domain.ServiceMetadata

Deprecated: Use

type ServicePlan Uses

type ServicePlan = domain.ServicePlan

Deprecated: Use

func RetrieveServicePlanFromContext Uses

func RetrieveServicePlanFromContext(ctx context.Context) *ServicePlan

type ServicePlanCost Uses

type ServicePlanCost = domain.ServicePlanCost

Deprecated: Use

type ServicePlanMetadata Uses

type ServicePlanMetadata = domain.ServicePlanMetadata

Deprecated: Use

type ServiceSchemas Uses

type ServiceSchemas = domain.ServiceSchemas

Deprecated: Use

type SharedDevice Uses

type SharedDevice = domain.SharedDevice

Deprecated: Use

type UnbindDetails Uses

type UnbindDetails = domain.UnbindDetails

Deprecated: Use

type UnbindResponse Uses

type UnbindResponse = apiresponses.UnbindResponse

Deprecated: Use

type UnbindSpec Uses

type UnbindSpec = domain.UnbindSpec

Deprecated: Use

type UpdateDetails Uses

type UpdateDetails = domain.UpdateDetails

Deprecated: Use

type UpdateResponse Uses

type UpdateResponse = apiresponses.UpdateResponse

Deprecated: Use

type UpdateServiceSpec Uses

type UpdateServiceSpec = domain.UpdateServiceSpec

Deprecated: Use

type VolumeMount Uses

type VolumeMount = domain.VolumeMount

Deprecated: Use


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