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package opt

import "github.com/proidiot/gone/log/opt"


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type Option Uses

type Option byte

Option represents a POSIX Openlog option. It is used to specify the behavior of some syslog.Syslogger types.

const (
    // Pid enables logging the process ID with each message. This is useful
    // for identifying specific processes.
    Pid Option = 0x01

    // Cons writes messages to the system console if they cannot be sent to
    // syslogd. This per-call fallback behavior is independent of the
    // stderr logging behavior described elsewhere.
    Cons Option = 0x02

    // ODelay delays openning resources until Syslog() is called. This
    // behavior is mutually exclusive with NDelay, but they are represented
    // by different options for historical reasons. This is the current
    // default behavior as mandated by POSIX, but it would be best to
    // explicitly set the option if there is a specific need for this
    // behavior as this particular implementation may one day stop using
    // this behavior by default (in fact, proidiot has already considered
    // making this change).
    ODelay Option = 0x04

    // NDelay opens the connection to the logging facility immediately.
    // Normally the open is delayed until the first message is logged. This
    // is useful for programs that need to manage the order in which file
    // descriptors are allocated. This behavior is mutually exclusive with
    // ODelay, but they are represented by different options for historical
    // reasons.
    NDelay Option = 0x08

    // NoWait enables the use of goroutines to send messages to syslogd so
    // that the calling function can proceed without waiting on these calls
    // to finish, although this hides any Syslog() errors.
    NoWait Option = 0x10

    // Perror prints all messages to stderr in addition to syslogd and the
    // system console (if Cons is set). This option isn't POSIX, but it is
    // very common. Since this option being set requires all messages to be
    // written to stderr (regardless of whether syslogd or the system
    // console also successfully received messages), this option being set
    // obviates the unusual fallback behavior of this particular
    // implementation, and so renders the NoFallback option useless.
    Perror Option = 0x20

    // NoFallback disables using stderr as a fallback when syslogd can't be
    // reached. This option isn't POSIX, and it is very unusual default
    // behavior, but proidiot likes it. This option is effectively
    // meaningless if Perror is set.
    NoFallback Option = 0x40

func GetFromEnv Uses

func GetFromEnv() Option

GetFromEnv gives the bitwise-or of the Options indicated by environment variables.

func (Option) String Uses

func (o Option) String() string

String creates a string representation of the Options.

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