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package vm

import ""


Package Files

frame.go vm.go


const (
    StackSize  = 2048
    MaxFrames  = 1024
    MaxGlobals = 65536


var (
    True  = &object.Boolean{Value: true}
    False = &object.Boolean{Value: false}
    Null  = &object.Null{}

func ExecModule Uses

func ExecModule(name string, state *VMState) (object.Object, error)

ExecModule compiles the named module and returns a *object.Module object

type Frame Uses

type Frame struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewFrame Uses

func NewFrame(cl *object.Closure, basePointer int) *Frame

func (*Frame) Instructions Uses

func (f *Frame) Instructions() code.Instructions

func (*Frame) NextOp Uses

func (f *Frame) NextOp() code.Opcode

NextOp ...

type VM Uses

type VM struct {
    Debug bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(bytecode *compiler.Bytecode) *VM

func NewWithState Uses

func NewWithState(bytecode *compiler.Bytecode, state *VMState) *VM

func (*VM) LastPopped Uses

func (vm *VM) LastPopped() object.Object

func (*VM) Run Uses

func (vm *VM) Run() error

type VMState Uses

type VMState struct {
    Constants []object.Object
    Globals   []object.Object
    Symbols   *compiler.SymbolTable

func NewVMState Uses

func NewVMState() *VMState

func (*VMState) ExportedHash Uses

func (s *VMState) ExportedHash() *object.Hash

ExportedHash returns a new Hash with the names and values of every publically exported binding in the vm state. That is every binding that starts with a capital letter. This is used by the module import system to wrap up the compiled and evaulated module into an object.

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