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package apiversions

import ""

Package apiversions provides information and interaction with the different API versions for the OpenStack Block Storage service, code-named Cinder.


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func ExtractAPIVersions Uses

func ExtractAPIVersions(page pagination.Page) ([]APIVersion, error)

ExtractAPIVersions takes a collection page, extracts all of the elements, and returns them a slice of APIVersion structs. It is effectively a cast.

func List Uses

func List(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient) pagination.Pager

List lists all the Cinder API versions available to end-users.

type APIVersion Uses

type APIVersion struct {
    ID      string `json:"id" mapstructure:"id"`           // unique identifier
    Status  string `json:"status" mapstructure:"status"`   // current status
    Updated string `json:"updated" mapstructure:"updated"` // date last updated

APIVersion represents an API version for Cinder.

type APIVersionPage Uses

type APIVersionPage struct {

APIVersionPage is the page returned by a pager when traversing over a collection of API versions.

func (APIVersionPage) IsEmpty Uses

func (r APIVersionPage) IsEmpty() (bool, error)

IsEmpty checks whether an APIVersionPage struct is empty.

type GetResult Uses

type GetResult struct {

GetResult represents the result of a get operation.

func Get Uses

func Get(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, v string) GetResult

Get will retrieve the volume type with the provided ID. To extract the volume type from the result, call the Extract method on the GetResult.

func (GetResult) Extract Uses

func (r GetResult) Extract() (*APIVersion, error)

Extract is a function that accepts a result and extracts an API version resource.

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