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package bulk

import ""

Package bulk provides functionality for working with bulk operations in the Rackspace Cloud Files service.


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type DeleteOpts Uses

type DeleteOpts []string

DeleteOpts is a structure that holds parameters for deleting an object.

func (DeleteOpts) ToBulkDeleteBody Uses

func (opts DeleteOpts) ToBulkDeleteBody() (string, error)

ToBulkDeleteBody formats a DeleteOpts into a request body.

type DeleteOptsBuilder Uses

type DeleteOptsBuilder interface {
    ToBulkDeleteBody() (string, error)

DeleteOptsBuilder allows extensions to add additional parameters to the Delete request.

type DeleteRespBody Uses

type DeleteRespBody struct {
    NumberNotFound int      `mapstructure:"Number Not Found"`
    ResponseStatus string   `mapstructure:"Response Status"`
    Errors         []string `mapstructure:"Errors"`
    NumberDeleted  int      `mapstructure:"Number Deleted"`
    ResponseBody   string   `mapstructure:"Response Body"`

DeleteRespBody is the form of the response body returned by a bulk delete request.

type DeleteResult Uses

type DeleteResult struct {

DeleteResult represents the result of a bulk delete operation.

func Delete Uses

func Delete(c *gophercloud.ServiceClient, opts DeleteOptsBuilder) DeleteResult

Delete will delete objects or containers in bulk.

func (DeleteResult) ExtractBody Uses

func (dr DeleteResult) ExtractBody() (DeleteRespBody, error)

ExtractBody will extract the body returned by the bulk extract request.

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