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Command gof3r

gof3r is a command-line interface for s3gof3r: fast, concurrent, streaming access to Amazon S3.

Example Usage:

To stream up to S3:
   $  <input_stream> | gof3r put -b <bucket> -k <s3_path>
To stream down from S3:
   $ gof3r get -b <bucket> -k <s3_path> | <output_stream>
To upload a file to S3:
   $ gof3r cp <local_path> s3://<bucket>/<s3_path> -m<http_header1> -m<http_header2>...
To download a file from S3:
   $ gof3r cp s3://<bucket>/<s3_path> <local_path>

Set AWS keys as environment Variables (required unless using ec2 instance-based credentials):

$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<access_key>
$ export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<secret_key>


$ tar -cf - /foo_dir/ | gof3r put -b my_s3_bucket -k bar_dir/s3_object -m x-amz-meta-custom-metadata:abc123 -m x-amz-server-side-encryption:AES256
$ gof3r get -b my_s3_bucket -k bar_dir/s3_object | tar -x



A man page may also be generated with `gof3r -m`

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