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package jwalk

import "github.com/romanyx/jwalk"

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Package Files

jwalk.go value.go

func Parse Uses

func Parse(data []byte) (interface{}, error)

Parse parses the json data.

type ObjectWalker Uses

type ObjectWalker interface {
    Walk(func(name string, value interface{}) error) error

ObjectWalker iterates through JSON object fields.

type ObjectsWalker Uses

type ObjectsWalker interface {
    Walk(func(obj ObjectWalker) error) error

ObjectsWalker iterates through array of JSON objects.

type Value Uses

type Value interface {
    Bytes() []byte
    String() string
    Int8() int8
    Int16() int16
    Int32() int32
    Int64() int64
    Int() int
    Uint() uint
    Uint8() uint8
    Uint16() uint16
    Uint32() uint32
    Uint64() uint64
    Float32() float32
    Float64() float64
    Interface() interface{}



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