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package rqlite

import "github.com/rqlite/rqlite"

Package rqlite is a lightweight, distributed relational database built on SQLite. rqlite uses Raft to achieve consensus across the cluster of SQLite databases. It ensures that every change made to the database is made to a majority of underlying SQLite files, or none at all.

rqlite gives you the functionality of a rock solid, fault-tolerant, replicated relational database, but with very easy installation, deployment, and operation. With it you've got a lightweight and reliable distributed store for relational data. You could use rqlite as part of a larger system, as a central store for some critical relational data, without having to run a heavier solution like MySQL.


Package Files



authPackage auth is a lightweight credential store.
awsPackage aws provides functionality for accessing the AWS API.
clusterPackage cluster supports intracluster control messaging.
cmd/rqliteCommand rqlite is the command-line interface for rqlite.
cmd/rqlitedCommand rqlited is the rqlite server.
dbPackage db exposes a lightweight abstraction over the SQLite code.
discoPackage disco controls interaction with the rqlite Discovery service
httpPackage http provides the HTTP server for accessing the distributed database.
storePackage store provides a distributed SQLite instance.
system_testPackage system supports running end-to-end type testing of rqlite
tcpPackage tcp provides the internode communication network layer.

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