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package printerutil

import "github.com/shurcooL/go/printerutil"

Package printerutil provides formatted printing of AST nodes.


Package Files


func PrintlnAst Uses

func PrintlnAst(fset *token.FileSet, node interface{})

PrintlnAst prints node, using fset, to stdout.

func PrintlnAstBare Uses

func PrintlnAstBare(node interface{})

PrintlnAstBare prints node to stdout.

func SprintAst Uses

func SprintAst(fset *token.FileSet, node interface{}) string

SprintAst prints node, using fset, and returns it as string.

func SprintAstBare Uses

func SprintAstBare(node interface{}) string

SprintAstBare prints node and returns it as string.

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