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package component

import ""

Package component contains individual components that can render themselves as HTML.


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type NewReaction Uses

type NewReaction struct {
    ReactableID string

NewReaction is a component for adding new reactions to a Reactable with ReactableID id.

func (NewReaction) Render Uses

func (nr NewReaction) Render() []*html.Node

type Reaction Uses

type Reaction struct {
    Reaction    reactions.Reaction
    CurrentUser users.User

Reaction is a component for displaying a single Reaction, as seen by CurrentUser.

func (Reaction) Render Uses

func (r Reaction) Render() []*html.Node

type ReactionsBar Uses

type ReactionsBar struct {
    Reactions   []reactions.Reaction
    CurrentUser users.User
    ID          string // ID is the reactable ID.

ReactionsBar is a component next to anything that can be reacted to, with reactable ID. It displays all reactions for that reactable ID, and a NewReaction component for adding new reactions.

func (ReactionsBar) Render Uses

func (r ReactionsBar) Render() []*html.Node

type ReactionsBarInner Uses

type ReactionsBarInner struct {
    Reactions   []reactions.Reaction
    CurrentUser users.User
    ReactableID string

ReactionsBarInner is a static component that displays all reactions, and a NewReaction component with ReactableID for adding new reactions.

func (ReactionsBarInner) Render Uses

func (r ReactionsBarInner) Render() []*html.Node

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