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package kube

import "github.com/sorenmat/k8s-rds/kube"


Package Files

client.go service.go

func Client Uses

func Client() (*kubernetes.Clientset, error)

func Config Uses

func Config() string

type Kube Uses

type Kube struct {
    Client *kubernetes.Clientset

func (*Kube) CreateService Uses

func (k *Kube) CreateService(namespace string, hostname string, internalname string) error

CreateService Creates or updates a service in Kubernetes with the new information

func (*Kube) DeleteService Uses

func (k *Kube) DeleteService(namespace string, dbname string) error

func (*Kube) GetSecret Uses

func (k *Kube) GetSecret(namespace string, name string, key string) (string, error)

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