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package websocket

import "github.com/sourcegraph/jsonrpc2/websocket"

Package websocket provides WebSocket transport support for JSON-RPC 2.0.


Package Files


type ObjectStream Uses

type ObjectStream struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A ObjectStream is a jsonrpc2.ObjectStream that uses a WebSocket to send and receive JSON-RPC 2.0 objects.

func NewObjectStream Uses

func NewObjectStream(conn *ws.Conn) ObjectStream

NewObjectStream creates a new jsonrpc2.ObjectStream for sending and receiving JSON-RPC 2.0 objects over a WebSocket.

func (ObjectStream) Close Uses

func (t ObjectStream) Close() error

Close implements jsonrpc2.ObjectStream.

func (ObjectStream) ReadObject Uses

func (t ObjectStream) ReadObject(v interface{}) error

ReadObject implements jsonrpc2.ObjectStream.

func (ObjectStream) WriteObject Uses

func (t ObjectStream) WriteObject(obj interface{}) error

WriteObject implements jsonrpc2.ObjectStream.

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