godock: github.com/sqp/godock/libs


appdbusPackage appdbus is the godock cairo-dock connector using DBus.
cdappletPackage cdapplet is the Cairo-Dock applet base object, using DBus or Gldi backend.
cdapplet/actionPackage action provides actions management for applets.
cdglobalPackage cdglobal defines application and backend global consts and data.
cdtypePackage cdtype defines main types and constants for Cairo-Dock applets.
cdtype/AppTmpl/srcPackage AppTmpl is a new template applet for Cairo-Dock.
clipboardPackage clipboard provides interaction with the desktop clipboard.
configPackage config is an automatic configuration loader for cairo-dock.
dockPackage dock wraps all backends and clients to start a dock.
dock/confownPackage confown manages the own config of the dock and its GUI
dock/eventmousePackage eventmouse registers and handles icon click events.
dock/guibridgePackage guibridge provides a bridge between the dock and its config window.
dock/maindockPackage maindock is a wrapper to build a dock interface.
dock/mainmenuPackage mainmenu fills the main menu for cairo-dock.
filesPackage files provides files operations helpers.
files/fileaccessPackage fileaccess serialize files access.
files/historyPackage history provides the core part for services history data management.
get/weatherPackage weather provides a data source for weather informations.
gldiPackage gldi provides Go bindings for gldi (cairo-dock).
gldi/appgldiPackage appgldi implements the dock applet API for go internal applets.
gldi/backendguiPackage backendgui provides a GUI interface to interact with the dock GUI.
gldi/backendmenuPackage backendmenu provides menu events and widgets to build the menu.
gldi/confdataPackage confdata provides a data source for the config, based on the gldi backend.
gldi/currentPackage current provides access to the dock current theme variables.
gldi/desktopclassPackage desktopclass defines a desktop class informations source.
gldi/desktopsPackage desktops manages and get desktop and screens info.
gldi/dialogPackage dialog provides access to gldi dialogs.
gldi/globalsPackage globals provides access to the dock global variables.
gldi/mgrgldiPackage mgrgldi manages go applets as internal applets.
gldi/notifPackage notif registers dock notifications.
gldi/shortkeysPackage shortkeys manages keyboard shortkeys.
gldi/windowPackage window manages desktop windows.
helper/castPackage cast provides recasts for lists of ints and floats.
logPackage log is a simple colored info and errors logger.
net/downloadPackage download gets content from internet.
net/iplocationPackage iplocation detects your location based on your IP.
net/uptosharePackage uptoshare uploads files to one-click hosting sites.
net/videodlPackage videodl provides a video file downloader around the youtube-dl command (only for now).
net/websrvPackage websrv manages the default optional web service for the program with variable subservices.
packagesPackage packages lists and acts on cairo-dock packages.
packages/buildPackage build builds cairo-dock or applets from sources.
packages/editpackPackage editpack builds a console interface to edit applets definition info.
packages/versionsPackage versions checks and updates vcs packages.
pollerPackage poller is a dedicated task that handles regular polling actions.
srvdbusPackage srvdbus provides a Dbus service (and client) with dock applets management.
srvdbus/dbuscommonPackage dbuscommon provides a common dbus server and client base to extend.
srvdbus/dlogbusPackage dlogbus provides a Dbus service (and client) for a dock external launcher.
srvdbus/dockbusPackage dockbus provides a Dbus client for the main dock Dbus service.
srvdbus/dockpathPackage dockpath defines paths used by the main dock dbus service.
srvdbus/mgrdbusPackage mgrdbus provides a Dbus service (and client) for external applets management.
sysinfoPackage sysinfo is a library that get some linux system information.
ternaryPackage ternary operators!
text/bytesizePackage bytesize formats a size with units.
text/colorPackage color formats colored terminal output.
text/gtktextPackage gtktext provides helpers to work with strings.
text/linesplitPackage linesplit provides a Writer with a callback on every line.
text/strhelpPackage strhelp provides helpers to work with strings.
text/tablistPackage tablist is a simple table formatter with colors for console.
text/tranPackage tran translates user displayed text.
text/versionsPackage versions prints API and dependencies versions.

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