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package backend

import "github.com/sqreen/go-agent/agent/internal/backend"


Package Files

client.go error.go

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(backendURL string, cfg *config.Config, logger *plog.Logger) *Client

func (*Client) ActionsPack Uses

func (c *Client) ActionsPack() (*api.ActionsPackResponse, error)

func (*Client) AppBeat Uses

func (c *Client) AppBeat(req *api.AppBeatRequest) (*api.AppBeatResponse, error)

func (*Client) AppLogin Uses

func (c *Client) AppLogin(req *api.AppLoginRequest, token string, appName string) (*api.AppLoginResponse, error)

func (*Client) AppLogout Uses

func (c *Client) AppLogout() error

func (*Client) Batch Uses

func (c *Client) Batch(req *api.BatchRequest) error

func (*Client) Do Uses

func (c *Client) Do(req *http.Request, pbs ...interface{}) error

Do performs the request whose body is pbs[0] pointer, while the expected response is pbs[1] pointer. They are optional, and must be used according to the cases request case.

func (*Client) RulesPack Uses

func (c *Client) RulesPack() (*api.RulesPackResponse, error)

type HTTPRequestStringer Uses

type HTTPRequestStringer http.Request

func (*HTTPRequestStringer) String Uses

func (r *HTTPRequestStringer) String() string

type HTTPResponseStringer Uses

type HTTPResponseStringer http.Response

func (*HTTPResponseStringer) String Uses

func (r *HTTPResponseStringer) String() string

type HTTPStatusError Uses

type HTTPStatusError struct {
    StatusCode int

func NewStatusError Uses

func NewStatusError(code int) HTTPStatusError

func (HTTPStatusError) Error Uses

func (e HTTPStatusError) Error() string

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