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package horizon

import "github.com/stellar/go/protocols/horizon"

Package horizon contains the type definitions for all of horizon's response resources.


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var KeyTypeNames = map[strkey.VersionByte]string{
    strkey.VersionByteAccountID: "ed25519_public_key",
    strkey.VersionByteSeed:      "ed25519_secret_seed",
    strkey.VersionByteHashX:     "sha256_hash",
    strkey.VersionByteHashTx:    "preauth_tx",

KeyTypeNames maps from strkey version bytes into json string values to use in horizon responses.

func KeyTypeFromAddress Uses

func KeyTypeFromAddress(address string) (string, error)

KeyTypeFromAddress converts the version byte of the provided strkey encoded value (for example an account id or a signer key) and returns the appropriate horizon-specific type name.

func MustKeyTypeFromAddress Uses

func MustKeyTypeFromAddress(address string) string

MustKeyTypeFromAddress is the panicking variant of KeyTypeFromAddress.

type Account Uses

type Account struct {
    Links struct {
        Self         hal.Link `json:"self"`
        Transactions hal.Link `json:"transactions"`
        Operations   hal.Link `json:"operations"`
        Payments     hal.Link `json:"payments"`
        Effects      hal.Link `json:"effects"`
        Offers       hal.Link `json:"offers"`
        Trades       hal.Link `json:"trades"`
        Data         hal.Link `json:"data"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    ID                   string            `json:"id"`
    AccountID            string            `json:"account_id"`
    Sequence             string            `json:"sequence"`
    SubentryCount        int32             `json:"subentry_count"`
    InflationDestination string            `json:"inflation_destination,omitempty"`
    HomeDomain           string            `json:"home_domain,omitempty"`
    LastModifiedLedger   uint32            `json:"last_modified_ledger"`
    LastModifiedTime     *time.Time        `json:"last_modified_time"`
    Thresholds           AccountThresholds `json:"thresholds"`
    Flags                AccountFlags      `json:"flags"`
    Balances             []Balance         `json:"balances"`
    Signers              []Signer          `json:"signers"`
    Data                 map[string]string `json:"data"`
    NumSponsoring        uint32            `json:"num_sponsoring"`
    NumSponsored         uint32            `json:"num_sponsored"`
    Sponsor              string            `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`
    PT                   string            `json:"paging_token"`

Account is the summary of an account

func (Account) GetAccountID Uses

func (a Account) GetAccountID() string

GetAccountID returns the Stellar account ID. This is to satisfy the Account interface of txnbuild.

func (Account) GetCreditBalance Uses

func (a Account) GetCreditBalance(code string, issuer string) string

GetCreditBalance returns the balance for given code and issuer

func (*Account) GetData Uses

func (a *Account) GetData(key string) ([]byte, error)

GetData returns decoded value for a given key. If the key does not exist, empty slice will be returned.

func (Account) GetNativeBalance Uses

func (a Account) GetNativeBalance() (string, error)

GetNativeBalance returns the native balance of the account

func (Account) GetSequenceNumber Uses

func (a Account) GetSequenceNumber() (int64, error)

GetSequenceNumber returns the sequence number of the account, and returns it as a 64-bit integer.

func (*Account) IncrementSequenceNumber Uses

func (a *Account) IncrementSequenceNumber() (int64, error)

IncrementSequenceNumber increments the internal record of the account's sequence number by 1. This is typically used after a transaction build so that the next transaction to be built will be valid.

func (*Account) MustGetData Uses

func (a *Account) MustGetData(key string) []byte

MustGetData returns decoded value for a given key. If the key does not exist, empty slice will be returned. If there is an error decoding a value, it will panic.

func (Account) PagingToken Uses

func (res Account) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable

func (*Account) SignerSummary Uses

func (a *Account) SignerSummary() map[string]int32

SignerSummary returns a map of signer's keys to weights.

type AccountData Uses

type AccountData struct {
    Value   string `json:"value"`
    Sponsor string `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`

AccountData represents a single data object stored on by an account

type AccountFlags Uses

type AccountFlags struct {
    AuthRequired  bool `json:"auth_required"`
    AuthRevocable bool `json:"auth_revocable"`
    AuthImmutable bool `json:"auth_immutable"`

AccountFlags represents the state of an account's flags

type AccountThresholds Uses

type AccountThresholds struct {
    LowThreshold  byte `json:"low_threshold"`
    MedThreshold  byte `json:"med_threshold"`
    HighThreshold byte `json:"high_threshold"`

AccountThresholds represents an accounts "thresholds", the numerical values needed to satisfy the authorization of a given operation.

type AccountsPage Uses

type AccountsPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Account `json:"records"`
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

AccountsPage returns a list of account records

type Asset Uses

type Asset base.Asset

Asset represents a single asset

type AssetStat Uses

type AssetStat struct {
    Links struct {
        Toml hal.Link `json:"toml"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    PT          string       `json:"paging_token"`
    Amount      string       `json:"amount"`
    NumAccounts int32        `json:"num_accounts"`
    Flags       AccountFlags `json:"flags"`

AssetStat represents the statistics for a single Asset

func (AssetStat) PagingToken Uses

func (res AssetStat) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable

type AssetsPage Uses

type AssetsPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []AssetStat
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

AssetsPage contains page of assets returned by Horizon.

type Balance Uses

type Balance struct {
    Balance                           string `json:"balance"`
    Limit                             string `json:"limit,omitempty"`
    BuyingLiabilities                 string `json:"buying_liabilities"`
    SellingLiabilities                string `json:"selling_liabilities"`
    Sponsor                           string `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`
    LastModifiedLedger                uint32 `json:"last_modified_ledger,omitempty"`
    IsAuthorized                      *bool  `json:"is_authorized,omitempty"`
    IsAuthorizedToMaintainLiabilities *bool  `json:"is_authorized_to_maintain_liabilities,omitempty"`

Balance represents an account's holdings for a single currency type

type ClaimableBalance Uses

type ClaimableBalance struct {
    Links struct {
        Self hal.Link `json:"self"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    BalanceID          string     `json:"id"`
    Asset              string     `json:"asset"`
    Amount             string     `json:"amount"`
    Sponsor            string     `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`
    LastModifiedLedger uint32     `json:"last_modified_ledger"`
    LastModifiedTime   *time.Time `json:"last_modified_time"`
    Claimants          []Claimant `json:"claimants"`
    PT                 string     `json:"paging_token"`

ClaimableBalance represents a claimable balance

func (ClaimableBalance) PagingToken Uses

func (res ClaimableBalance) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable

type ClaimableBalances Uses

type ClaimableBalances struct {
    Links struct {
        Self hal.Link `json:"self"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    Embedded struct {
        Records []ClaimableBalance `json:"records"`
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

type Claimant Uses

type Claimant struct {
    Destination string             `json:"destination"`
    Predicate   xdr.ClaimPredicate `json:"predicate"`

Claimant represents a claimable balance claimant

type FeeBumpTransaction Uses

type FeeBumpTransaction struct {
    Hash       string   `json:"hash"`
    Signatures []string `json:"signatures"`

FeeBumpTransaction contains information about a fee bump transaction

type FeeDistribution Uses

type FeeDistribution struct {
    Max  int64 `json:"max,string"`
    Min  int64 `json:"min,string"`
    Mode int64 `json:"mode,string"`
    P10  int64 `json:"p10,string"`
    P20  int64 `json:"p20,string"`
    P30  int64 `json:"p30,string"`
    P40  int64 `json:"p40,string"`
    P50  int64 `json:"p50,string"`
    P60  int64 `json:"p60,string"`
    P70  int64 `json:"p70,string"`
    P80  int64 `json:"p80,string"`
    P90  int64 `json:"p90,string"`
    P95  int64 `json:"p95,string"`
    P99  int64 `json:"p99,string"`

type FeeStats Uses

type FeeStats struct {
    LastLedger          uint32  `json:"last_ledger,string"`
    LastLedgerBaseFee   int64   `json:"last_ledger_base_fee,string"`
    LedgerCapacityUsage float64 `json:"ledger_capacity_usage,string"`

    FeeCharged FeeDistribution `json:"fee_charged"`
    MaxFee     FeeDistribution `json:"max_fee"`

FeeStats represents a response of fees from horizon To do: implement fee suggestions if agreement is reached in https://github.com/stellar/go/issues/926

type InnerTransaction Uses

type InnerTransaction struct {
    Hash       string   `json:"hash"`
    Signatures []string `json:"signatures"`
    MaxFee     int64    `json:"max_fee,string"`

InnerTransaction contains information about the inner transaction contained within a fee bump transaction

type Ledger Uses

type Ledger struct {
    Links struct {
        Self         hal.Link `json:"self"`
        Transactions hal.Link `json:"transactions"`
        Operations   hal.Link `json:"operations"`
        Payments     hal.Link `json:"payments"`
        Effects      hal.Link `json:"effects"`
    }   `json:"_links"`
    ID                         string    `json:"id"`
    PT                         string    `json:"paging_token"`
    Hash                       string    `json:"hash"`
    PrevHash                   string    `json:"prev_hash,omitempty"`
    Sequence                   int32     `json:"sequence"`
    SuccessfulTransactionCount int32     `json:"successful_transaction_count"`
    FailedTransactionCount     *int32    `json:"failed_transaction_count"`
    OperationCount             int32     `json:"operation_count"`
    TxSetOperationCount        *int32    `json:"tx_set_operation_count"`
    ClosedAt                   time.Time `json:"closed_at"`
    TotalCoins                 string    `json:"total_coins"`
    FeePool                    string    `json:"fee_pool"`
    BaseFee                    int32     `json:"base_fee_in_stroops"`
    BaseReserve                int32     `json:"base_reserve_in_stroops"`
    MaxTxSetSize               int32     `json:"max_tx_set_size"`
    ProtocolVersion            int32     `json:"protocol_version"`
    HeaderXDR                  string    `json:"header_xdr"`

Ledger represents a single closed ledger

func (Ledger) PagingToken Uses

func (l Ledger) PagingToken() string

type LedgersPage Uses

type LedgersPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Ledger
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

LedgersPage contains page of ledger information returned by Horizon

type Offer Uses

type Offer struct {
    Links struct {
        Self       hal.Link `json:"self"`
        OfferMaker hal.Link `json:"offer_maker"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    ID                 int64      `json:"id,string"`
    PT                 string     `json:"paging_token"`
    Seller             string     `json:"seller"`
    Selling            Asset      `json:"selling"`
    Buying             Asset      `json:"buying"`
    Amount             string     `json:"amount"`
    PriceR             Price      `json:"price_r"`
    Price              string     `json:"price"`
    LastModifiedLedger int32      `json:"last_modified_ledger"`
    LastModifiedTime   *time.Time `json:"last_modified_time"`
    Sponsor            string     `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`

Offer is the display form of an offer to trade currency.

func (Offer) PagingToken Uses

func (o Offer) PagingToken() string

type OffersPage Uses

type OffersPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Offer `json:"records"`
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

OffersPage returns a list of offers

type OrderBookSummary Uses

type OrderBookSummary struct {
    Bids    []PriceLevel `json:"bids"`
    Asks    []PriceLevel `json:"asks"`
    Selling Asset        `json:"base"`
    Buying  Asset        `json:"counter"`

OrderBookSummary represents a snapshot summary of a given order book

type Path Uses

type Path struct {
    SourceAssetType        string  `json:"source_asset_type"`
    SourceAssetCode        string  `json:"source_asset_code,omitempty"`
    SourceAssetIssuer      string  `json:"source_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    SourceAmount           string  `json:"source_amount"`
    DestinationAssetType   string  `json:"destination_asset_type"`
    DestinationAssetCode   string  `json:"destination_asset_code,omitempty"`
    DestinationAssetIssuer string  `json:"destination_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    DestinationAmount      string  `json:"destination_amount"`
    Path                   []Asset `json:"path"`

Path represents a single payment path.

func (Path) PagingToken Uses

func (p Path) PagingToken() string

stub implementation to satisfy pageable interface

type PathsPage Uses

type PathsPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Path
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

PathsPage contains records of payment paths found by horizon

type Price Uses

type Price base.Price

Price represents a price

type PriceLevel Uses

type PriceLevel struct {
    PriceR Price  `json:"price_r"`
    Price  string `json:"price"`
    Amount string `json:"amount"`

PriceLevel represents an aggregation of offers that share a given price

type Root Uses

type Root struct {
    Links struct {
        Account             hal.Link  `json:"account"`
        Accounts            *hal.Link `json:"accounts,omitempty"`
        AccountTransactions hal.Link  `json:"account_transactions"`
        ClaimableBalances   *hal.Link `json:"claimable_balances"`
        Assets              hal.Link  `json:"assets"`
        Effects             hal.Link  `json:"effects"`
        FeeStats            hal.Link  `json:"fee_stats"`
        Friendbot           *hal.Link `json:"friendbot,omitempty"`
        Ledger              hal.Link  `json:"ledger"`
        Ledgers             hal.Link  `json:"ledgers"`
        Offer               *hal.Link `json:"offer,omitempty"`
        Offers              *hal.Link `json:"offers,omitempty"`
        Operation           hal.Link  `json:"operation"`
        Operations          hal.Link  `json:"operations"`
        OrderBook           hal.Link  `json:"order_book"`
        Payments            hal.Link  `json:"payments"`
        Self                hal.Link  `json:"self"`
        StrictReceivePaths  *hal.Link `json:"strict_receive_paths"`
        StrictSendPaths     *hal.Link `json:"strict_send_paths"`
        TradeAggregations   hal.Link  `json:"trade_aggregations"`
        Trades              hal.Link  `json:"trades"`
        Transaction         hal.Link  `json:"transaction"`
        Transactions        hal.Link  `json:"transactions"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    HorizonVersion               string    `json:"horizon_version"`
    StellarCoreVersion           string    `json:"core_version"`
    IngestSequence               uint32    `json:"ingest_latest_ledger"`
    HorizonSequence              int32     `json:"history_latest_ledger"`
    HorizonLatestClosedAt        time.Time `json:"history_latest_ledger_closed_at"`
    HistoryElderSequence         int32     `json:"history_elder_ledger"`
    CoreSequence                 int32     `json:"core_latest_ledger"`
    NetworkPassphrase            string    `json:"network_passphrase"`
    CurrentProtocolVersion       int32     `json:"current_protocol_version"`
    CoreSupportedProtocolVersion int32     `json:"core_supported_protocol_version"`

Root is the initial map of links into the api.

type Signer Uses

type Signer struct {
    Weight  int32  `json:"weight"`
    Key     string `json:"key"`
    Type    string `json:"type"`
    Sponsor string `json:"sponsor,omitempty"`

Signer represents one of an account's signers.

type Trade Uses

type Trade struct {
    Links struct {
        Self      hal.Link `json:"self"`
        Base      hal.Link `json:"base"`
        Counter   hal.Link `json:"counter"`
        Operation hal.Link `json:"operation"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    ID                 string    `json:"id"`
    PT                 string    `json:"paging_token"`
    LedgerCloseTime    time.Time `json:"ledger_close_time"`
    OfferID            string    `json:"offer_id"`
    BaseOfferID        string    `json:"base_offer_id"`
    BaseAccount        string    `json:"base_account"`
    BaseAmount         string    `json:"base_amount"`
    BaseAssetType      string    `json:"base_asset_type"`
    BaseAssetCode      string    `json:"base_asset_code,omitempty"`
    BaseAssetIssuer    string    `json:"base_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    CounterOfferID     string    `json:"counter_offer_id"`
    CounterAccount     string    `json:"counter_account"`
    CounterAmount      string    `json:"counter_amount"`
    CounterAssetType   string    `json:"counter_asset_type"`
    CounterAssetCode   string    `json:"counter_asset_code,omitempty"`
    CounterAssetIssuer string    `json:"counter_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    BaseIsSeller       bool      `json:"base_is_seller"`
    Price              *Price    `json:"price"`

Trade represents a horizon digested trade

func (Trade) PagingToken Uses

func (res Trade) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable

type TradeAggregation Uses

type TradeAggregation struct {
    Timestamp     int64     `json:"timestamp,string"`
    TradeCount    int64     `json:"trade_count,string"`
    BaseVolume    string    `json:"base_volume"`
    CounterVolume string    `json:"counter_volume"`
    Average       string    `json:"avg"`
    High          string    `json:"high"`
    HighR         xdr.Price `json:"high_r"`
    Low           string    `json:"low"`
    LowR          xdr.Price `json:"low_r"`
    Open          string    `json:"open"`
    OpenR         xdr.Price `json:"open_r"`
    Close         string    `json:"close"`
    CloseR        xdr.Price `json:"close_r"`

TradeAggregation represents trade data aggregation over a period of time

func (TradeAggregation) PagingToken Uses

func (res TradeAggregation) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable. Not actually used

type TradeAggregationsPage Uses

type TradeAggregationsPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []TradeAggregation `json:"records"`
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

TradeAggregationsPage returns a list of aggregated trade records, aggregated by resolution

type TradeEffect Uses

type TradeEffect struct {
    Links struct {
        Self      hal.Link `json:"self"`
        Seller    hal.Link `json:"seller"`
        Buyer     hal.Link `json:"buyer"`
        Operation hal.Link `json:"operation"`
    }   `json:"_links"`

    ID                string    `json:"id"`
    PT                string    `json:"paging_token"`
    OfferID           string    `json:"offer_id"`
    Seller            string    `json:"seller"`
    SoldAmount        string    `json:"sold_amount"`
    SoldAssetType     string    `json:"sold_asset_type"`
    SoldAssetCode     string    `json:"sold_asset_code,omitempty"`
    SoldAssetIssuer   string    `json:"sold_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    Buyer             string    `json:"buyer"`
    BoughtAmount      string    `json:"bought_amount"`
    BoughtAssetType   string    `json:"bought_asset_type"`
    BoughtAssetCode   string    `json:"bought_asset_code,omitempty"`
    BoughtAssetIssuer string    `json:"bought_asset_issuer,omitempty"`
    LedgerCloseTime   time.Time `json:"created_at"`

TradeEffect represents a trade effect resource.

type TradesPage Uses

type TradesPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Trade `json:"records"`
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

TradesPage returns a list of trade records

type Transaction Uses

type Transaction struct {
    Links struct {
        Self       hal.Link `json:"self"`
        Account    hal.Link `json:"account"`
        Ledger     hal.Link `json:"ledger"`
        Operations hal.Link `json:"operations"`
        Effects    hal.Link `json:"effects"`
        Precedes   hal.Link `json:"precedes"`
        Succeeds   hal.Link `json:"succeeds"`
        // Temporarily include Transaction as a link so that Transaction
        // can be fully compatible with TransactionSuccess
        // When TransactionSuccess is removed from the SDKs we can remove this HAL link
        Transaction hal.Link `json:"transaction"`
    }   `json:"_links"`
    ID                 string              `json:"id"`
    PT                 string              `json:"paging_token"`
    Successful         bool                `json:"successful"`
    Hash               string              `json:"hash"`
    Ledger             int32               `json:"ledger"`
    LedgerCloseTime    time.Time           `json:"created_at"`
    Account            string              `json:"source_account"`
    AccountSequence    string              `json:"source_account_sequence"`
    FeeAccount         string              `json:"fee_account"`
    FeeCharged         int64               `json:"fee_charged,string"`
    MaxFee             int64               `json:"max_fee,string"`
    OperationCount     int32               `json:"operation_count"`
    EnvelopeXdr        string              `json:"envelope_xdr"`
    ResultXdr          string              `json:"result_xdr"`
    ResultMetaXdr      string              `json:"result_meta_xdr"`
    FeeMetaXdr         string              `json:"fee_meta_xdr"`
    MemoType           string              `json:"memo_type"`
    MemoBytes          string              `json:"memo_bytes,omitempty"`
    Memo               string              `json:"memo,omitempty"`
    Signatures         []string            `json:"signatures"`
    ValidAfter         string              `json:"valid_after,omitempty"`
    ValidBefore        string              `json:"valid_before,omitempty"`
    FeeBumpTransaction *FeeBumpTransaction `json:"fee_bump_transaction,omitempty"`
    InnerTransaction   *InnerTransaction   `json:"inner_transaction,omitempty"`

Transaction represents a single, successful transaction

func (Transaction) MarshalJSON Uses

func (t Transaction) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements a custom marshaler for Transaction. The memo field should be omitted if and only if the memo_type is "none".

func (Transaction) PagingToken Uses

func (t Transaction) PagingToken() string

PagingToken implementation for hal.Pageable

func (*Transaction) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (t *Transaction) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

UnmarshalJSON implements a custom unmarshaler for Transaction which can handle a max_fee field which can be a string of int

type TransactionResultCodes Uses

type TransactionResultCodes struct {
    TransactionCode string   `json:"transaction"`
    OperationCodes  []string `json:"operations,omitempty"`

TransactionResultCodes represent a summary of result codes returned from a single xdr TransactionResult

type TransactionsPage Uses

type TransactionsPage struct {
    Links    hal.Links `json:"_links"`
    Embedded struct {
        Records []Transaction
    }   `json:"_embedded"`

TransactionsPage contains records of transaction information returned by Horizon



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