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package csv

import ""

The csv package contains a codec for talking CSV (comma separated values).


Package Files

csv_codec.go doc.go errors.go

type CsvCodec Uses

type CsvCodec struct{}

CsvCodec converts objects to and from CSV format.

func (*CsvCodec) CanMarshalWithCallback Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) CanMarshalWithCallback() bool

CanMarshalWithCallback returns whether this codec is capable of marshalling a response containing a callback.

func (*CsvCodec) ContentType Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) ContentType() string

ContentType returns the content type for this codec.

func (*CsvCodec) ContentTypeSupported Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) ContentTypeSupported(contentType string) bool

func (*CsvCodec) FileExtension Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) FileExtension() string

FileExtension returns the file extension for this codec.

func (*CsvCodec) Marshal Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) Marshal(object interface{}, options map[string]interface{}) ([]byte, error)

Converts an object to CSV data.

func (*CsvCodec) Unmarshal Uses

func (c *CsvCodec) Unmarshal(data []byte, obj interface{}) error

Unmarshal converts CSV data into an object.

type InvalidUnmarshalError Uses

type InvalidUnmarshalError struct {
    Type reflect.Type

An InvalidUnmarshalError describes an invalid argument passed to Unmarshal. (The argument to Unmarshal must be a non-nil pointer.)

func (*InvalidUnmarshalError) Error Uses

func (e *InvalidUnmarshalError) Error() string

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