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package signalfx

import ""


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const EventDescriptionMaxLength = 256
const EventNameMaxLength = 256

type DPClient Uses

type DPClient dpsink.Sink

A DPClient is a client that can be used to submit signalfx data points to an upstream consumer. It wraps the dpsink.Sink interface.

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(endpoint, apiKey string, client *http.Client) DPClient

NewClient constructs a new signalfx HTTP client for the given endpoint and API token.

type SignalFxSink Uses

type SignalFxSink struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SignalFxSink is a MetricsSink implementation.

func NewSignalFxSink Uses

func NewSignalFxSink(hostnameTag string, hostname string, commonDimensions map[string]string, log *logrus.Logger, client DPClient, varyBy string, perTagClients map[string]DPClient, metricNamePrefixDrops []string, metricTagPrefixDrops []string, derivedMetrics samplers.DerivedMetricsProcessor, maxPointsInBatch int, defaultToken string, enableDynamicPerTagTokens bool, dynamicKeyRefreshPeriod time.Duration, metricsEndpoint string, apiEndpoint string, httpClient *http.Client) (*SignalFxSink, error)

NewSignalFxSink creates a new SignalFx sink for metrics.

func (*SignalFxSink) Flush Uses

func (sfx *SignalFxSink) Flush(ctx context.Context, interMetrics []samplers.InterMetric) error

Flush sends metrics to SignalFx

func (*SignalFxSink) FlushOtherSamples Uses

func (sfx *SignalFxSink) FlushOtherSamples(ctx context.Context, samples []ssf.SSFSample)

FlushOtherSamples sends events to SignalFx. Event type samples will be serialized as SFX Events directly. All other metric types are ignored

func (*SignalFxSink) Name Uses

func (sfx *SignalFxSink) Name() string

Name returns the name of this sink.

func (*SignalFxSink) SetExcludedTags Uses

func (sfx *SignalFxSink) SetExcludedTags(excludes []string)

SetExcludedTags sets the excluded tag names. Any tags with the provided key (name) will be excluded.

func (*SignalFxSink) Start Uses

func (sfx *SignalFxSink) Start(traceClient *trace.Client) error

Start begins the sink. For SignalFx this starts the clientByTagUpdater

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