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package ssfmetrics

import ""

Package ssfmetrics provides sinks that are used by veneur internally.


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type DerivedMetricsSink Uses

type DerivedMetricsSink interface {

DerivedMetricsSink composes the functionality of a SpanSink and DerivedMetricsProcessor

func NewMetricExtractionSink Uses

func NewMetricExtractionSink(mw []Processor, indicatorTimerName, objectiveTimerName string, cl *trace.Client, log *logrus.Logger) (DerivedMetricsSink, error)

NewMetricExtractionSink sets up and creates a span sink that extracts metrics ("samples") from SSF spans and reports them to a veneur's metrics workers.

type Processor Uses

type Processor interface {
    // IngestUDP takes a single UDPMetric and processes it in the worker.

Processor represents a thing that can process UDPMetrics.

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