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package jwt

import "github.com/supanadit/jwt-go"


Package Files

authorization.go custom.go echo.go gin.go jwt.go signing.go web_framework.go

func DisableAuthorization Uses

func DisableAuthorization()

DisableAuthorization is to Disable the authorization

func EnableAuthorization Uses

func EnableAuthorization()

EnableAuthorization is to enable authorization

func EncryptPassword Uses

func EncryptPassword(password string) ([]byte, error)

EncryptPassword is the function provided to encrypt any password safely

func GenerateJWT Uses

func GenerateJWT(model interface{}) (s string, e error)

GenerateJWT is the function for generate JWT token

func GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime Uses

func GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime(model interface{}, hours int64, minutes int64, seconds int64) (s string, e error)

GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime will generate JWT token alongside with custom expired time

func GetJWTFromEchoHeader Uses

func GetJWTFromEchoHeader(c echo.Context) (token string, err error)

GetJWTFromEchoHeader get JWT from header which provided by echo web framework

func GetJWTFromGinHeader Uses

func GetJWTFromGinHeader(c *gin.Context) (token string, err error)

GetJWTFromGinHeader is to get JWT from header which provided by gin web framework

func GetJWTFromHeader Uses

func GetJWTFromHeader(header string) (token string, err error)

GetJWTFromHeader get JWT from header which provided by any of web framework, but with rules JWT "token"

func GetJWTSecretCode Uses

func GetJWTSecretCode() []byte

GetJWTSecretCode get JWT secret code as a byte

func GetStringJWTSecretCode Uses

func GetStringJWTSecretCode() string

GetStringJWTSecretCode is to get JWT secret code as a string

func IsUseAuthorization Uses

func IsUseAuthorization() bool

IsUseAuthorization is to get status whether use authorization or not

func SetExpiredTime Uses

func SetExpiredTime(hour int64, minute int64, second int64)

SetExpiredTime is to set expired time for JWT session

func SetHMACSigningMethod Uses

func SetHMACSigningMethod(s SigningHMAC)

SetHMACSigningMethod is to set signing method globally

func SetJWTSecretCode Uses

func SetJWTSecretCode(secretCode string)

SetJWTSecretCode is to set JWT secret code globally

func VerifyAndBinding Uses

func VerifyAndBinding(model interface{}, t string) (bool, error)

VerifyAndBinding is to verify and binding any given token

func VerifyAndBindingEchoHeader Uses

func VerifyAndBindingEchoHeader(model interface{}, c echo.Context) (token string, isValid bool, err error)

VerifyAndBindingEchoHeader verify and binding the jwt model

func VerifyAndBindingGinHeader Uses

func VerifyAndBindingGinHeader(model interface{}, c *gin.Context) (token string, isValid bool, err error)

VerifyAndBindingGinHeader is to verify and binding the jwt model

func VerifyAndBindingJWT Uses

func VerifyAndBindingJWT(model interface{}, token string) (bool, error)

VerifyAndBindingJWT is the easy way to verify and binding JWT token at the same time

func VerifyEchoHeader Uses

func VerifyEchoHeader(c echo.Context) (string, bool, error)

VerifyEchoHeader only verify echo header

func VerifyGinHeader Uses

func VerifyGinHeader(c *gin.Context) (string, bool, error)

VerifyGinHeader is the function that only verify gin header

func VerifyJWT Uses

func VerifyJWT(token string) (bool, error)

VerifyJWT is the function for verify any generated JWT token

func VerifyPassword Uses

func VerifyPassword(encryptedPassword string, password string) (bool, error)

VerifyPassword is the function for verify between encryption password and requested password

type Authorization Uses

type Authorization struct {
    Username string `form:"username" json:"username" xml:"username" binding:"required"`
    Password string `form:"password" json:"password" xml:"password" binding:"required"`

Authorization is the default authorization model

func (Authorization) GenerateJWT Uses

func (auth Authorization) GenerateJWT() (string, error)

GenerateJWT is to generate JWT token by authorization model

func (Authorization) GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime Uses

func (auth Authorization) GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime(hour int64, minute int64, seconds int64) (string, error)

GenerateJWTAndSetExpiredTime generate JWT token by authorization model also set the expired time manually

func (Authorization) GetPasswordEncryption Uses

func (auth Authorization) GetPasswordEncryption() ([]byte, error)

GetPasswordEncryption is to create password encryption using bcrypt

func (Authorization) GetStringPasswordEncryption Uses

func (auth Authorization) GetStringPasswordEncryption() (string, error)

GetStringPasswordEncryption is to create password encryption using bcrypt and string as the result

func (Authorization) VerifyJWT Uses

func (auth Authorization) VerifyJWT(token string) (bool, error)

VerifyJWT is the simply way to check authorization

func (Authorization) VerifyPassword Uses

func (auth Authorization) VerifyPassword(password string) (bool, error)

VerifyPassword is the fastest way to verify password

type CustomClaims Uses

type CustomClaims struct {
    Object interface{}

CustomClaims is the model provided by this library

type SigningHMAC Uses

type SigningHMAC struct {
    Method *jwt.SigningMethodHMAC

SigningHMAC is type of signing that can be used for signing and validation JWT

func GetHMACSigningMethod Uses

func GetHMACSigningMethod() SigningHMAC

GetHMACSigningMethod is to get signing method

func HS256 Uses

func HS256() SigningHMAC

HS256 is type of SigningHMAC method

func HS384 Uses

func HS384() SigningHMAC

HS384 is type of SigningHMAC method

func HS512 Uses

func HS512() SigningHMAC

HS512 is type of SigningHMAC method

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