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package errors

import "github.com/tendermint/tendermint/lite/errors"


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func ErrCommitNotFound Uses

func ErrCommitNotFound() error

ErrCommitNotFound indicates that a the requested commit was not found.

func ErrEmptyTree Uses

func ErrEmptyTree() error

func ErrUnexpectedValidators Uses

func ErrUnexpectedValidators(got, want []byte) error

ErrUnexpectedValidators indicates a validator set mismatch.

func ErrUnknownValidators Uses

func ErrUnknownValidators(chainID string, height int64) error

ErrUnknownValidators indicates that some validator set was missing or unknown.

func IsErrCommitNotFound Uses

func IsErrCommitNotFound(err error) bool

func IsErrEmptyTree Uses

func IsErrEmptyTree(err error) bool

func IsErrUnexpectedValidators Uses

func IsErrUnexpectedValidators(err error) bool

func IsErrUnknownValidators Uses

func IsErrUnknownValidators(err error) bool

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