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package metrics

import "github.com/textileio/powergate/index/ask/internal/metrics"


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var (
    // TagAskStatus is a tag for query-ask results.
    TagAskStatus, _ = tag.NewKey("askstatus")

    // MFullRefreshDuration is a metric for registering the total duration of a full
    // query ask refresh.
    MFullRefreshDuration = stats.Int64("askindex/fullrefresh-duration", "Duration of Full StorageAsk refresh", "s")
    // MFullRefreshProgress is a metric for registering the current progress of
    // the full scan query ask on miners.
    MFullRefreshProgress = stats.Float64("askindex/fullrefresh-progress", "Full refresh progress", "By")
    // MAskQueryResult is a metric to register the number of results per TagAskStatus status.
    MAskQueryResult = stats.Int64("askindex/queryask-result", "Ask query results", "By")

func Init Uses

func Init() error

Init register all views.

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