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package miner

import "github.com/textileio/powergate/index/miner"


Package Files


type ChainIndex Uses

type ChainIndex struct {
    LastUpdated int64
    Miners      map[string]OnChainData

ChainIndex contains on-chain information about miners.

type IndexSnapshot Uses

type IndexSnapshot struct {
    Meta    MetaIndex
    OnChain ChainIndex

IndexSnapshot contains on-chain and off-chain information about miners.

type Location Uses

type Location struct {
    Country   string
    Longitude float64
    Latitude  float64

Location contains geeoinformation.

type Meta Uses

type Meta struct {
    LastUpdated time.Time
    UserAgent   string
    Location    Location
    Online      bool

Meta contains off-chain information of a miner.

type MetaIndex Uses

type MetaIndex struct {
    Online  uint32
    Offline uint32
    Info    map[string]Meta

MetaIndex contains off-chain information about miners.

type Module Uses

type Module interface {
    Get() IndexSnapshot
    Listen() <-chan struct{}
    Unregister(c chan struct{})

Module provides information about miners in the Filecoin network.

type OnChainData Uses

type OnChainData struct {
    Power         uint64
    RelativePower float64
    SectorSize    uint64
    ActiveDeals   uint64

OnChainData contains on-chain data about a miner.



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