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package daemon

import ""

Package daemon is the tgres command line server.


Package Files

config.go daemon.go graphite_pickle.go graphite_text.go http.go log.go services.go statsd_text.go

func Finish Uses

func Finish(cfg *Config)

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    PidPath                  string   `toml:"pid-file"`
    LogPath                  string   `toml:"log-file"`
    LogCycle                 duration `toml:"log-cycle-interval"`
    DbConnectString          string   `toml:"db-connect-string"`
    PgSegmentWidth           int      `toml:"pg-segment-width"`
    MinStep                  duration `toml:"min-step"`
    MaxReceiverQueueSize     int      `toml:"max-receiver-queue-size"`
    MaxMemoryBytes           int      `toml:"max-memory-bytes"`
    GraphiteTextListenSpec   string   `toml:"graphite-text-listen-spec"`
    GraphiteUdpListenSpec    string   `toml:"graphite-udp-listen-spec"`
    GraphitePickleListenSpec string   `toml:"graphite-pickle-listen-spec"`
    StatsdTextListenSpec     string   `toml:"statsd-text-listen-spec"`
    StatsdUdpListenSpec      string   `toml:"statsd-udp-listen-spec"`
    HttpListenSpec           string   `toml:"http-listen-spec"`
    HttpAllowOrigin          string   `toml:"http-allow-origin"`
    QueryCacheSize           int      `toml:"query-cache-size"`
    Workers                  int
    DSs                      []ConfigDSSpec `toml:"ds"`
    StatFlush                duration       `toml:"stat-flush-interval"`
    StatsNamePrefix          string         `toml:"stats-name-prefix"`

func Init Uses

func Init(cfgPath, gracefulProtos, join string) (cfg *Config)

func (*Config) FindMatchingDSSpec Uses

func (c *Config) FindMatchingDSSpec(ident serde.Ident) *rrd.DSSpec

type ConfigDSSpec Uses

type ConfigDSSpec struct {
    Regexp    regex
    Step      duration
    Heartbeat duration
    RRAs      []ConfigRRASpec

Needs to be exported for TOML

type ConfigRRASpec Uses

type ConfigRRASpec struct {
    Function rrd.Consolidation
    Step     time.Duration
    Span     time.Duration
    Xff      float64

func (*ConfigRRASpec) UnmarshalText Uses

func (r *ConfigRRASpec) UnmarshalText(text []byte) error

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