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package http

import ""

Package http provides HTTP functionality for querying TS data as well as submitting data points to a receiver.


Package Files

blaster.go graphite.go pixel.go


const BATCH_LIMIT = 64

func BlasterSetHandler Uses

func BlasterSetHandler(blstr *blaster.Blaster) http.HandlerFunc

func GraphiteAnnotationsHandler Uses

func GraphiteAnnotationsHandler(rcache dsl.NamedDSFetcher) http.HandlerFunc

func GraphiteMetricsFindHandler Uses

func GraphiteMetricsFindHandler(rcache dsl.NamedDSFetcher) http.HandlerFunc

func GraphiteRenderHandler Uses

func GraphiteRenderHandler(rcache dsl.NamedDSFetcher) http.HandlerFunc

func PixelAddGaugeHandler Uses

func PixelAddGaugeHandler(rcvr *receiver.Receiver) http.HandlerFunc

func PixelAddHandler Uses

func PixelAddHandler(rcvr *receiver.Receiver) http.HandlerFunc

func PixelAppendHandler Uses

func PixelAppendHandler(rcvr *receiver.Receiver) http.HandlerFunc

func PixelHandler Uses

func PixelHandler(rcvr *receiver.Receiver) http.HandlerFunc

func PixelSetGaugeHandler Uses

func PixelSetGaugeHandler(rcvr *receiver.Receiver) http.HandlerFunc

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