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package sqs

import ""

Package sqs - simple for sqs.


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type BatchOutput Uses

type BatchOutput struct {
    Output *sqs.SendMessageBatchOutput
    Error  error

BatchOutput struct

type SQS Uses

type SQS struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SQS struct

func New Uses

func New(AWSID, AWSKEY, Region, URL string) *SQS

New to new a sqs.

func (SQS) Delete Uses

func (s SQS) Delete(ReceiptHandle *string) (*sqs.DeleteMessageOutput, error)

Delete to delete a queue message.

func (SQS) PurgeQueue Uses

func (s SQS) PurgeQueue() (*sqs.PurgeQueueOutput, error)

PurgeQueue to purge queue all messages.

func (SQS) Receive Uses

func (s SQS) Receive(Visibility int64) (*sqs.ReceiveMessageOutput, error)

Receive to receive a queue message.

func (SQS) Send Uses

func (s SQS) Send(Body string) (*sqs.SendMessageOutput, error)

Send to send a queue message.

func (SQS) SendBatch Uses

func (s SQS) SendBatch(Bodies []string) []*BatchOutput

SendBatch to split Bodies into batch messages and send.

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