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package binding

import "github.com/tsavola/wag/binding"

Package binding contains import and export utilities.


Package Files

bind.go export.go


const (
    VectorIndexLastImport    = -5
    VectorIndexMemoryAddr    = -4
    VectorIndexCurrentMemory = -3
    VectorIndexGrowMemory    = -2
    VectorIndexTrapHandler   = -1

Well-known indexes of the import vector. Import function addresses precede the current memory size.

func BindImports Uses

func BindImports(mod *compile.Module, reso ImportResolver) (err error)

func BindLibraryImports Uses

func BindLibraryImports(lib *compile.Library, reso LibraryImportResolver) (err error)

func EntryFunc Uses

func EntryFunc(mod compile.Module, name string) (funcIndex uint32, err error)

EntryFunc looks up an export function which is suitable as an entry point. Its result type must be void or i32, and it must not take any parameters.

func IsEntryFuncType Uses

func IsEntryFuncType(sig wa.FuncType) bool

IsEntryFuncType checks if the signature is suitable for an entry function.

func IsStartFuncType Uses

func IsStartFuncType(sig wa.FuncType) bool

IsStartFuncType checks if the signature is suitable for a start function.

type ImportResolver Uses

type ImportResolver interface {
    ResolveFunc(module, field string, sig wa.FuncType) (funcIndex uint32, err error)
    ResolveGlobal(module, field string, t wa.Type) (init uint64, err error)

ImportResolver maps symbols to library function indexes and constant values.

ResolveFunc returns a non-negative library function index.

ResolveGlobal returns a bit pattern the interpretation of which depends on the scalar type.

type LibraryImportResolver Uses

type LibraryImportResolver interface {
    ResolveFunc(module, field string, sig wa.FuncType) (vectorIndex int, err error)

LibraryImportResolver maps symbols to vector indexes.

ResolveFunc returns a negative vector index. The vector is addressed from the end. VectorIndexLastImport is the largest valid index which ResolveFunc can return.

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