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package event

import "github.com/tsavola/wag/compile/event"


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const (
    // The init routine can be executed.  It may cause NoFunction traps.
    // The event handler is a good place to resolve the entry function address,
    // because the compiler doesn't mutate the ObjectMapper during event
    // handler invocation.  CodeConfig.LastInitFunc must be greater or equal to
    // the entry function index - otherwise its address is not available during
    // Init event handling.
    // This event is not necessarily delivered.
    Init = Event(iota)

    // All functions have been generated, but links to them haven't yet been
    // updated in previous functions.
    // If required by ISA, code cache should be invalidated before the event
    // handler returns.
    // This event is not necessarily delivered.

type Event Uses

type Event int

Event handler is invoked from a single goroutine (per compilation).

func (Event) String Uses

func (e Event) String() string

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