vpappPackage vpapp contains small tools to handle app package "à la" autotools as well as version.
vpbezierPackage vpbezier contains Bezier curves tools.
vpbruijnPackage vpbruijn implements De Bruijn graphs.
vpbusPackage vpbus contains the implementation of the Golang server callbacks called by the C++ client GUI.
vpbusapiPackage vpbusapi is generated by Thrift, it contains plumbery to thriftify the protocol between Golang server and C++ client GUI.
vpbusclientPackage main is auto-generated by Thrift and contains a command-line client-side implementation able to talk to the Golang backend server.
vpbussrvPackage vpbussrv contains the glue between the implementation of the backend Golang server and the Thrift protocol.
vpcommonapiPackage vpcommonapi contains the common, base, shared by all api.
vpcommonclientPackage maincontains a sample client for thrift basic shared by all funcs.
vpcryptoPackage vpcrypto contains some cryptographic utilities to sign and crypt content, mostly a wrapper over openpgp API.
vpdemoDemo game as an example on steroids.
vperrorPackage vperror contains utilities to handle errors.
vpidPackage vpid contains helpers to generate cryptographic IDs.
vpkeydxPackage vpkeydx contains utilities to generate and analyze keys used in p2p messaging.
vplevelPackage vplevel contains the implementation of a level, the part of the game world that is not influenced by players and their actions.
vpline3Package vpline3 contains tools for manipulating lines with 3 points.
vplogPackage vplog contains a simple log helper which logs on both stderr and syslog.
vploopPackage vploop implements main game loop.
vpmat2x1Package vpmat2x1 contains 2x1 matrix utilities.
vpmat2x2Package vpmat2x2 contains 2x2 matrix utilities.
vpmat3x2Package vpmat3x2 contains 3x2 matrix utilities.
vpmat3x3Package vpmat3x3 contains 3x3 matrix utilities.
vpmat4x3Package vpmat4x3 contains 4x3 matrix utilities.
vpmat4x4Package vpmat4x4 contains 4x4 matrix utilities.
vpmathPackage vpmath contains mathematical functions, including fixed point implementations of typical floating point operations such as square root, sinus, and cosinus.
vpnumberPackage vpnumber handles fixed point numbers, on 32 or 64 bits.
vpp2pPackage vpp2p implements the top-level host, node and ring objects, required for the P2P system.
vpp2papiPackage vpp2papi defines the p2p (peer to peer) Thrift API.
vpp2pclientPackage main contains a demo vpp2p client
vpp2pdatPackage vpp2pdat implements some basic functions over the structures exposed by vpp2papi.
vpp2psimPackage vpp2psim is only a test/demo which instanciates elements from vpp2p to show and check how they work.
vprandPackage vprand contains some random number generation helpers.
vpring0Demo game as an example on steroids.
vpsumPackage vpsum contains checksum helpers.
vptimeoutPackage vptimeout implements utilities to handle timeout of functions, typically usefull when using 3rd party blocking funcs.
vptypesPackage vptypes contains some general purpose basic types.
vpvec2Package vpvec2 contains 4 members vector utilities.
vpvec3Package vpvec3 contains 3 members vector utilities.
vpvec4Package vpvec4 contains 4 members vector utilities.
vpwirePackage vpwire implements basic wireframe rendering, mostly for testing purposes.

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