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package fonts

import "github.com/unidoc/unidoc/pdf/model/fonts"


Package Files

courier.go courier_bold.go courier_bold_oblique.go courier_oblique.go font.go helvetica.go helvetica_bold.go helvetica_bold_oblique.go helvetica_oblique.go symbol.go times_bold.go times_bold_italic.go times_italic.go times_roman.go ttfparser.go zapfdingbats.go

func NewFontCourier Uses

func NewFontCourier() fontCourier

func NewFontCourierBold Uses

func NewFontCourierBold() fontCourierBold

func NewFontCourierBoldOblique Uses

func NewFontCourierBoldOblique() fontCourierBoldOblique

func NewFontCourierOblique Uses

func NewFontCourierOblique() fontCourierOblique

func NewFontHelvetica Uses

func NewFontHelvetica() fontHelvetica

func NewFontHelveticaBold Uses

func NewFontHelveticaBold() fontHelveticaBold

func NewFontHelveticaBoldOblique Uses

func NewFontHelveticaBoldOblique() fontHelveticaBoldOblique

func NewFontHelveticaOblique Uses

func NewFontHelveticaOblique() fontHelveticaOblique

func NewFontSymbol Uses

func NewFontSymbol() fontSymbol

func NewFontTimesBold Uses

func NewFontTimesBold() fontTimesBold

func NewFontTimesBoldItalic Uses

func NewFontTimesBoldItalic() fontTimesBoldItalic

func NewFontTimesItalic Uses

func NewFontTimesItalic() fontTimesItalic

func NewFontTimesRoman Uses

func NewFontTimesRoman() fontTimesRoman

func NewFontZapfDingbats Uses

func NewFontZapfDingbats() fontZapfDingbats

type CharMetrics Uses

type CharMetrics struct {
    GlyphName string
    Wx        float64
    Wy        float64

type Font Uses

type Font interface {
    SetEncoder(encoder textencoding.TextEncoder)
    GetGlyphCharMetrics(glyph string) (CharMetrics, bool)
    ToPdfObject() core.PdfObject

type TtfType Uses

type TtfType struct {
    Embeddable             bool
    UnitsPerEm             uint16
    PostScriptName         string
    Bold                   bool
    ItalicAngle            int16
    IsFixedPitch           bool
    TypoAscender           int16
    TypoDescender          int16
    UnderlinePosition      int16
    UnderlineThickness     int16
    Xmin, Ymin, Xmax, Ymax int16
    CapHeight              int16
    Widths                 []uint16
    Chars                  map[uint16]uint16

TtfType contains metrics of a TrueType font.

func TtfParse Uses

func TtfParse(fileStr string) (TtfRec TtfType, err error)

TtfParse extracts various metrics from a TrueType font file.

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