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package outbound

import "github.com/v2ray/v2ray-core/app/proxyman/outbound"


Package Files

errors.generated.go handler.go outbound.go

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler(ctx context.Context, config *core.OutboundHandlerConfig) (outbound.Handler, error)

NewHandler create a new Handler based on the given configuration.

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler is an implements of outbound.Handler.

func (*Handler) Address Uses

func (h *Handler) Address() net.Address

Address implements internet.Dialer.

func (*Handler) Close Uses

func (h *Handler) Close() error

Close implements common.Closable.

func (*Handler) Dial Uses

func (h *Handler) Dial(ctx context.Context, dest net.Destination) (internet.Connection, error)

Dial implements internet.Dialer.

func (*Handler) Dispatch Uses

func (h *Handler) Dispatch(ctx context.Context, link *transport.Link)

Dispatch implements proxy.Outbound.Dispatch.

func (*Handler) GetOutbound Uses

func (h *Handler) GetOutbound() proxy.Outbound

GetOutbound implements proxy.GetOutbound.

func (*Handler) Start Uses

func (h *Handler) Start() error

Start implements common.Runnable.

func (*Handler) Tag Uses

func (h *Handler) Tag() string

Tag implements outbound.Handler.

type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Manager is to manage all outbound handlers.

func New Uses

func New(ctx context.Context, config *proxyman.OutboundConfig) (*Manager, error)

New creates a new Manager.

func (*Manager) AddHandler Uses

func (m *Manager) AddHandler(ctx context.Context, handler outbound.Handler) error

AddHandler implements outbound.Manager.

func (*Manager) Close Uses

func (m *Manager) Close() error

Close implements core.Feature

func (*Manager) GetDefaultHandler Uses

func (m *Manager) GetDefaultHandler() outbound.Handler

GetDefaultHandler implements outbound.Manager.

func (*Manager) GetHandler Uses

func (m *Manager) GetHandler(tag string) outbound.Handler

GetHandler implements outbound.Manager.

func (*Manager) RemoveHandler Uses

func (m *Manager) RemoveHandler(ctx context.Context, tag string) error

RemoveHandler implements outbound.Manager.

func (*Manager) Select Uses

func (m *Manager) Select(selectors []string) []string

Select implements outbound.HandlerSelector.

func (*Manager) Start Uses

func (m *Manager) Start() error

Start implements core.Feature

func (*Manager) Type Uses

func (m *Manager) Type() interface{}

Type implements common.HasType.

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