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package mock

import ""


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type MockConfig Uses

type MockConfig struct {
    CPU    string `json:"cpu,omitempty"`
    Memory string `json:"memory,omitempty"`
    Pods   string `json:"pods,omitempty"`

MockConfig contains a mock virtual-kubelet's configurable parameters.

type MockProvider Uses

type MockProvider struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockProvider implements the virtual-kubelet provider interface and stores pods in memory.

func NewMockProvider Uses

func NewMockProvider(providerConfig, nodeName, operatingSystem string, internalIP string, daemonEndpointPort int32) (*MockProvider, error)

NewMockProvider creates a new MockProvider, which implements the PodNotifier interface

func NewMockProviderMockConfig Uses

func NewMockProviderMockConfig(config MockConfig, nodeName, operatingSystem string, internalIP string, daemonEndpointPort int32) (*MockProvider, error)

NewMockProviderMockConfig creates a new MockV0Provider. Mock legacy provider does not implement the new asynchronous podnotifier interface

func (*MockProvider) ConfigureNode Uses

func (p *MockProvider) ConfigureNode(ctx context.Context, n *v1.Node)

func (*MockProvider) CreatePod Uses

func (p *MockProvider) CreatePod(ctx context.Context, pod *v1.Pod) error

CreatePod accepts a Pod definition and stores it in memory.

func (*MockProvider) DeletePod Uses

func (p *MockProvider) DeletePod(ctx context.Context, pod *v1.Pod) (err error)

DeletePod deletes the specified pod out of memory.

func (*MockProvider) GetContainerLogs Uses

func (p *MockProvider) GetContainerLogs(ctx context.Context, namespace, podName, containerName string, opts api.ContainerLogOpts) (io.ReadCloser, error)

GetContainerLogs retrieves the logs of a container by name from the provider.

func (*MockProvider) GetPod Uses

func (p *MockProvider) GetPod(ctx context.Context, namespace, name string) (pod *v1.Pod, err error)

GetPod returns a pod by name that is stored in memory.

func (*MockProvider) GetPodStatus Uses

func (p *MockProvider) GetPodStatus(ctx context.Context, namespace, name string) (*v1.PodStatus, error)

GetPodStatus returns the status of a pod by name that is "running". returns nil if a pod by that name is not found.

func (*MockProvider) GetPods Uses

func (p *MockProvider) GetPods(ctx context.Context) ([]*v1.Pod, error)

GetPods returns a list of all pods known to be "running".

func (*MockProvider) GetStatsSummary Uses

func (p *MockProvider) GetStatsSummary(ctx context.Context) (*stats.Summary, error)

GetStatsSummary returns dummy stats for all pods known by this provider.

func (*MockProvider) NotifyPods Uses

func (p *MockProvider) NotifyPods(ctx context.Context, notifier func(*v1.Pod))

NotifyPods is called to set a pod notifier callback function. This should be called before any operations are done within the provider.

func (*MockProvider) RunInContainer Uses

func (p *MockProvider) RunInContainer(ctx context.Context, namespace, name, container string, cmd []string, attach api.AttachIO) error

RunInContainer executes a command in a container in the pod, copying data between in/out/err and the container's stdin/stdout/stderr.

func (*MockProvider) UpdatePod Uses

func (p *MockProvider) UpdatePod(ctx context.Context, pod *v1.Pod) error

UpdatePod accepts a Pod definition and updates its reference.

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