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package machine

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/cmd/juju/machine"


Package Files

add.go base.go flags.go list.go machine.go remove.go show.go upgradeseries.go


const (
    PrepareCommand  = "prepare"
    CompleteCommand = "complete"


const UpgradeSeriesCompleteFinishedMessage = `
Upgrade series for machine %q has successfully completed`
const UpgradeSeriesPrepareFinishedMessage = "" /* 220 byte string literal not displayed */

func NewAddCommand Uses

func NewAddCommand() cmd.Command

NewAddCommand returns a command that adds a machine to a model.

func NewListMachinesCommand Uses

func NewListMachinesCommand() cmd.Command

NewListMachineCommand returns a command that lists the machines in a model.

func NewRemoveCommand Uses

func NewRemoveCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCommand returns a command used to remove a specified machine.

func NewShowMachineCommand Uses

func NewShowMachineCommand() cmd.Command

NewShowMachineCommand returns a command that shows details on the specified machine[s].

func NewUpgradeSeriesCommand Uses

func NewUpgradeSeriesCommand() cmd.Command

NewUpgradeSeriesCommand returns a command which upgrades the series of an application or machine.

type AddMachineAPI Uses

type AddMachineAPI interface {
    AddMachines([]params.AddMachineParams) ([]params.AddMachinesResult, error)
    Close() error
    ForceDestroyMachines(machines ...string) error
    DestroyMachinesWithParams(force, keep bool, machines ...string) error
    ModelUUID() (string, bool)
    ProvisioningScript(params.ProvisioningScriptParams) (script string, err error)

type MachineManagerAPI Uses

type MachineManagerAPI interface {
    AddMachines([]params.AddMachineParams) ([]params.AddMachinesResult, error)
    BestAPIVersion() int
    Close() error

type ModelConfigAPI Uses

type ModelConfigAPI interface {
    ModelGet() (map[string]interface{}, error)
    Close() error

type RemoveMachineAPI Uses

type RemoveMachineAPI interface {
    // TODO (anastasiamac 2019-4-24) From Juju 3.0 this call will be removed in favour of DestroyMachinesWithParams.
    DestroyMachines(machines ...string) ([]params.DestroyMachineResult, error)
    DestroyMachinesWithParams(force, keep bool, maxWait *time.Duration, machines ...string) ([]params.DestroyMachineResult, error)
    Close() error

type UpgradeMachineSeriesAPI Uses

type UpgradeMachineSeriesAPI interface {
    BestAPIVersion() int
    Close() error
    UpgradeSeriesValidate(string, string) ([]string, error)
    UpgradeSeriesPrepare(string, string, bool) error
    UpgradeSeriesComplete(string) error
    WatchUpgradeSeriesNotifications(string) (watcher.NotifyWatcher, string, error)
    GetUpgradeSeriesMessages(string, string) ([]string, error)

go:generate go run github.com/golang/mock/mockgen -package mocks -destination mocks/upgradeMachineSeriesAPI_mock.go github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/machine UpgradeMachineSeriesAPI


mocksPackage mocks is a generated GoMock package.

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