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package testing

import "github.com/wallyworld/juju/worker/uniter/runner/testing"


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type ContextStorage Uses

type ContextStorage struct {
    CTag      names.StorageTag
    CKind     storage.StorageKind
    CLocation string

func (*ContextStorage) Kind Uses

func (c *ContextStorage) Kind() storage.StorageKind

func (*ContextStorage) Location Uses

func (c *ContextStorage) Location() string

func (*ContextStorage) Tag Uses

func (c *ContextStorage) Tag() names.StorageTag

type FakeTicket Uses

type FakeTicket struct {
    WaitResult bool

func (*FakeTicket) Ready Uses

func (ft *FakeTicket) Ready() <-chan struct{}

func (*FakeTicket) Wait Uses

func (ft *FakeTicket) Wait() bool

type FakeTracker Uses

type FakeTracker struct {

    AllowClaimLeader bool

func (*FakeTracker) ApplicationName Uses

func (t *FakeTracker) ApplicationName() string

func (*FakeTracker) ClaimLeader Uses

func (t *FakeTracker) ClaimLeader() leadership.Ticket

type RealPaths Uses

type RealPaths struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

RealPaths implements Paths for tests that do touch the filesystem.

func NewRealPaths Uses

func NewRealPaths(c *gc.C) RealPaths

func (RealPaths) ComponentDir Uses

func (p RealPaths) ComponentDir(name string) string

func (RealPaths) GetBaseDir Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetBaseDir() string

func (RealPaths) GetCharmDir Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetCharmDir() string

func (RealPaths) GetJujucClientSocket Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetJujucClientSocket(remote bool) sockets.Socket

func (RealPaths) GetJujucServerSocket Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetJujucServerSocket(remote bool) sockets.Socket

func (RealPaths) GetMetricsSpoolDir Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetMetricsSpoolDir() string

func (RealPaths) GetToolsDir Uses

func (p RealPaths) GetToolsDir() string

type StorageContextAccessor Uses

type StorageContextAccessor struct {
    CStorage map[names.StorageTag]*ContextStorage

func (*StorageContextAccessor) Storage Uses

func (s *StorageContextAccessor) Storage(tag names.StorageTag) (jujuc.ContextStorageAttachment, error)

func (*StorageContextAccessor) StorageTags Uses

func (s *StorageContextAccessor) StorageTags() ([]names.StorageTag, error)

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