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Command essix

Package main runs the `essix` command.

[Essix]( runs an essential simple secure stable scalable stateless server.

$ go get -u

The `essix` [command]( manages Essix apps, their server certificates (TLS/HTTPS), their backend databases (RethinkDB), and their infrastructure (Docker Swarm Mode).

Follow the [Quickstart]( to get your first app running within minutes, on a swarm near you.

With `$ essix init`, a new Essix app package is inititialised, much like, where you would add your own functionality. It includes the Profile example of how things can be done.

Package Files



app/routesPackage routes defines the application's routes and their Handles.
emailPackage email manages outgoing email traffic.
messagesPackage messages defines translations for user facing texts.
modelPackage model manages the business data model entities and their behaviuor.
ratelimitPackage ratelimit manages rate limits for urls.
routesPackage routes defines the application's routes and their Handles.
routes/accountPackage account provides route Handles for managing accounts.
securePackage secure provides authentication for the application.
serverPackage server runs the Essix server.
templatePackage template renders templates using, providing text translation through
utilPackage util provides some utility functions.

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