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package common

import ""


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func BitNum Uses

func BitNum(num uint64) uint64

Get the number of bits needed by the num; 0 needs 0, 1 need 1, 2 need 2, 3 need 2 ....

func Cmp Uses

func Cmp(ai interface{}, bi interface{}, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType) bool

Compare two values: a<b return true a>=b return false

func CmpIntBinary Uses

func CmpIntBinary(as string, bs string, order string, signed bool) bool

func DeepCopy Uses

func DeepCopy(src, dst interface{})

func HeadToUpper Uses

func HeadToUpper(str string) string

Convert the first letter of a string to uppercase

func Max Uses

func Max(a interface{}, b interface{}, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType) interface{}

Get the maximum of two parquet values

func Min Uses

func Min(a interface{}, b interface{}, pT *parquet.Type, cT *parquet.ConvertedType) interface{}

Get the minimum of two parquet values

func NewSchemaElementFromTagMap Uses

func NewSchemaElementFromTagMap(info *Tag) *parquet.SchemaElement

func PathStrIndex Uses

func PathStrIndex(str string) int

Get the pathStr index in a path

func PathToStr Uses

func PathToStr(path []string) string

Convert path slice to string

func SizeOf Uses

func SizeOf(val reflect.Value) int64

Get the size of a parquet value

func StrToPath Uses

func StrToPath(str string) []string

Convert string to path slice

type Tag Uses

type Tag struct {
    InName string
    ExName string

    Type      string
    KeyType   string
    ValueType string

    BaseType      string
    KeyBaseType   string
    ValueBaseType string

    Length      int32
    KeyLength   int32
    ValueLength int32

    Scale      int32
    KeyScale   int32
    ValueScale int32

    Precision      int32
    KeyPrecision   int32
    ValuePrecision int32

    FieldID      int32
    KeyFieldID   int32
    ValueFieldID int32

    Encoding      parquet.Encoding
    KeyEncoding   parquet.Encoding
    ValueEncoding parquet.Encoding

    RepetitionType      parquet.FieldRepetitionType
    KeyRepetitionType   parquet.FieldRepetitionType
    ValueRepetitionType parquet.FieldRepetitionType

`parquet:"name=Name, type=FIXED_LEN_BYTE_ARRAY, length=12"`

func GetKeyTagMap Uses

func GetKeyTagMap(src *Tag) *Tag

Get key tag map for map

func GetValueTagMap Uses

func GetValueTagMap(src *Tag) *Tag

Get value tag map for map

func NewTag Uses

func NewTag() *Tag

func StringToTag Uses

func StringToTag(tag string) *Tag

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