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QUIC web server with built-in support for Lua, Markdown, Pongo2 and JSX.

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cachemodePackage cachemode provides ways to deal with different cache modes
consolePackage console provides functions for disabling and disabling output
enginePackage engine provides the server configuration struct and several functions for serving files over HTTP
lua/codelibPackage codelib provides Lua functions for storing Lua functions in a database
lua/convertPackage convert provides functions for converting to and from Lua structures
lua/datastructPackage datastruct provides Lua functions for dealing with hash maps, key/values, lists and sets
lua/httpclientPackage httpclient provides Lua functions for a HTTP client
lua/jnodePackage jnode provides Lua functions for dealing with JSON documents and strings
lua/ontheflyPackage onthefly provides Lua functions for building HTML, XML and TinySVG documents
lua/poolPackage pool provides functions for managing a pool of Lua state structs
lua/purePackage pure provides Lua functions for running commands and listing files
lua/uploadPackage upload provides functions for dealing with uploading files in a fast and safe way
lua/usersPackage users provides Lua functions for dealing with users and permissions

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