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package crypto

import "github.com/yggdrasil-network/yggdrasil-go/src/crypto"

Package crypto is a wrapper around packages under golang.org/x/crypto/, particulaly curve25519, ed25519, and nacl/box. This is used to avoid explicitly importing and using these packages throughout yggdrasil. It also includes the all-important NodeID and TreeID types, which are used to identify nodes in the DHT and in the spanning tree's root selection algorithm, respectively.


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const BoxNonceLen = 24

BoxNonceLen is the length of a BoxNonce in bytes.

const BoxOverhead = box.Overhead

BoxOverhead is the length of the overhead from boxing something.

const BoxPrivKeyLen = 32

BoxPrivKeyLen is the length of a BoxPrivKey in bytes.

const BoxPubKeyLen = 32

BoxPubKeyLen is the length of a BoxPubKey in bytes.

const BoxSharedKeyLen = 32

BoxSharedKeyLen is the length of a BoxSharedKey in bytes.

const NodeIDLen = sha512.Size

NodeIDLen is the length (in bytes) of a NodeID.

const SigLen = ed25519.SignatureSize

SigLen is the length of SigBytes.

const SigPrivKeyLen = ed25519.PrivateKeySize

SigPrivKeyLen is the length of a SigPrivKey in bytes.

const SigPubKeyLen = ed25519.PublicKeySize

SigPubKeyLen is the length of a SigPubKey in bytes.

const TreeIDLen = sha512.Size

TreeIDLen is the length (in bytes) of a TreeID.

func BoxOpen Uses

func BoxOpen(shared *BoxSharedKey,
    boxed []byte,
    nonce *BoxNonce) ([]byte, bool)

BoxOpen returns a message and true if it successfully opens a crypto box using the provided shared key and nonce.

func NewBoxKeys Uses

func NewBoxKeys() (*BoxPubKey, *BoxPrivKey)

NewBoxKeys generates a new pair of public/private crypto box keys.

func NewSigKeys Uses

func NewSigKeys() (*SigPubKey, *SigPrivKey)

NewSigKeys generates a public/private ed25519 key pair.

func Verify Uses

func Verify(pub *SigPubKey, msg []byte, sig *SigBytes) bool

Verify returns true if the provided signature matches the key and message.

type BoxNonce Uses

type BoxNonce [BoxNonceLen]byte

BoxNonce is the nonce used in NaCl-like crypto "box" operations (curve25519+xsalsa20+poly1305), and must not be reused for different messages encrypted using the same BoxSharedKey.

func BoxSeal Uses

func BoxSeal(shared *BoxSharedKey, unboxed []byte, nonce *BoxNonce) ([]byte, *BoxNonce)

BoxSeal seals a crypto box using the provided shared key, returning the box and the nonce needed to decrypt it. If nonce is nil, a random BoxNonce will be used and returned. If nonce is non-nil, then nonce.Increment() will be called before using it, and the incremented BoxNonce is what is returned.

func NewBoxNonce Uses

func NewBoxNonce() *BoxNonce

NewBoxNonce generates a (cryptographically) random BoxNonce.

func (*BoxNonce) Increment Uses

func (n *BoxNonce) Increment()

Increment adds 2 to a BoxNonce, which is useful if one node intends to send only with odd BoxNonce values, and the other only with even BoxNonce values.

func (*BoxNonce) Minus Uses

func (n *BoxNonce) Minus(m *BoxNonce) int64

Minus is the result of subtracting the provided BoNonce from this BoxNonce, bounded at +- 64. It's primarily used to determine if a new BoxNonce is higher than the last known BoxNonce from a crypto session, and by how much. This is used in the machinery that makes sure replayed packets can't keep a session open indefinitely or stuck using old/bad information about a node.

type BoxPrivKey Uses

type BoxPrivKey [BoxPrivKeyLen]byte

BoxPrivKey is a NaCl-like "box" private key (curve25519+xsalsa20+poly1305).

func (BoxPrivKey) Public Uses

func (p BoxPrivKey) Public() BoxPubKey

Public returns the BoxPubKey associated with this BoxPrivKey.

type BoxPubKey Uses

type BoxPubKey [BoxPubKeyLen]byte

BoxPubKey is a NaCl-like "box" public key (curve25519+xsalsa20+poly1305).

func (BoxPubKey) Network Uses

func (n BoxPubKey) Network() string

Network returns "curve25519" for "box" keys.

func (BoxPubKey) String Uses

func (k BoxPubKey) String() string

String returns a string representation of the "box" key.

type BoxSharedKey Uses

type BoxSharedKey [BoxSharedKeyLen]byte

BoxSharedKey is a NaCl-like "box" shared key (curve25519+xsalsa20+poly1305).

func GetSharedKey Uses

func GetSharedKey(myPrivKey *BoxPrivKey,
    othersPubKey *BoxPubKey) *BoxSharedKey

GetSharedKey returns the shared key derived from your private key and the destination's public key.

type Handle Uses

type Handle [handleLen]byte

func NewHandle Uses

func NewHandle() *Handle

NewHandle returns a new (cryptographically random) Handle, used by the session code to identify which session an incoming packet is associated with.

type NodeID Uses

type NodeID [NodeIDLen]byte

NodeID is how a yggdrasil node is identified in the DHT, and is used to derive IPv6 addresses and subnets in the main executable. It is a sha512sum hash of the node's BoxPubKey

func GetNodeID Uses

func GetNodeID(pub *BoxPubKey) *NodeID

GetNodeID returns the NodeID associated with a BoxPubKey.

func (*NodeID) Network Uses

func (n *NodeID) Network() string

Network returns "nodeid" nearly always right now.

func (*NodeID) PrefixLength Uses

func (n *NodeID) PrefixLength() int

PrefixLength returns the number of bits set in a masked NodeID.

func (*NodeID) String Uses

func (n *NodeID) String() string

type SigBytes Uses

type SigBytes [SigLen]byte

SigBytes is an ed25519 signature.

func Sign Uses

func Sign(priv *SigPrivKey, msg []byte) *SigBytes

Sign returns the SigBytes signing a message.

type SigPrivKey Uses

type SigPrivKey [SigPrivKeyLen]byte

SigPrivKey is a private ed25519 signing key.

func (SigPrivKey) Public Uses

func (p SigPrivKey) Public() SigPubKey

Public returns the SigPubKey associated with this SigPrivKey.

type SigPubKey Uses

type SigPubKey [SigPubKeyLen]byte

SigPubKey is a public ed25519 signing key.

type TreeID Uses

type TreeID [TreeIDLen]byte

TreeID is how a yggdrasil node is identified in the root selection algorithm used to construct the spanning tree.

func GetTreeID Uses

func GetTreeID(pub *SigPubKey) *TreeID

GetTreeID returns the TreeID associated with a BoxPubKey

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