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package hep

import "go-hep.org/x/hep"

Package hep is a simple placeholder to root all go-hep documentation


version, sum := hep.Version()
fmt.Printf("Go-HEP version:  %q\n", version)
fmt.Printf("       checksum: %q\n", sum)



Package Files

hep.go version.go

func Version Uses

func Version() (version, sum string)

Version returns the version of Go-HEP and its checksum. The returned values are only valid in binaries built with module support.


brioPackage brio is a set of tools to handle binary (de)serialized data.
brio/cmd/brio-genCommand brio-gen generates (un)marshaler code for types.
cmd/arrow2rootarrow2root converts the content of an ARROW file to a ROOT TTree.
cmd/fits2rootfits2root converts the content of a FITS table to a ROOT file and tree.
cmd/lhef2hepmclhef2hepmc converts a LHEF input file into a HepMC file.
cmd/npy2rootCommand npy2root converts the content of a NumPy data file to a ROOT file and tree.
cmd/podio-genCommand podio-gen generates a complete EDM from a PODIO YAML file definition.
cmd/rio2yodario2yoda converts rio files containing hbook values (H1D, H2D, P1D, ...) into YODA files.
cmd/root2arrowroot2arrow converts the content of a ROOT TTree to an ARROW file.
cmd/root2csvroot2csv converts the content of a ROOT TTree to a CSV file.
cmd/root2fitsroot2fits converts the content of a ROOT tree to a FITS (binary) table.
cmd/root2npyroot2npy converts the content of a ROOT TTree to a NumPy data file.
cmd/root2yodaroot2yoda converts ROOT files containing hbook-like values (H1D, H2D, ...) into YODA files.
cmd/yoda2rioyoda2rio converts YODA files containing hbook-like values (H1D, H2D, P1D, ...) into rio files.
cmd/yoda2rootyoda2root converts YODA files containing hbook-like values (H1D, H2D, P1D, ...) into ROOT files.
csvutilPackage csvutil exposes functions and types to easily handle CSV files.
csvutil/csvdriverpackage csvdriver registers a database/sql/driver.Driver implementation for CSV files.
fadsPackage fads exposes building blocks for a fast simulation of a HEP detector.
fads/cmd/fads-appfads-app is a command that runs a simple ATLAS-like detector simulation, modelled after the C++ Delphes ATLAS data-card.
fads/cmd/fads-rivet-mc-genericfads-rivet-mc-generic is a command mirroring the MC_GENERIC analysis example from Rivet.
fastjetPackage fastjet is a Go-based implementation of the C++ FastJet library.
fastjet/internal/delaunaypackage delaunay contains functions to compute a Delaunay Triangulation
fastjet/internal/heappackage heap implements a min-heap for pairs of jets.
fastjet/internal/plotpackage plot contains functions to plot the Delaunay Triangulation and the Voronoi Diagram.
fastjet/internal/predicatespackage predicates handles the geometric predicates for a delaunay triangulation
fitPackage fit provides functions to fit data.
fmomPackage fmom provides types and functions to operate with Lorentz 4-vectors.
fwkPackage fwk provides a set of tools to process High Energy Physics events data.
fwk/utils/builderpackage builder builds a fwk-app binary from a list of go files.
fwk/utils/parallelThe parallel package provides a way of running functions concurrently while limiting the maximum number running at once.
fwk/utils/tarjanpackage tarjan implements a graph loop detection algorithm called Tarjan's algorithm.
geo/gdmlPackage gdml parses and interprets GDML files.
grootPackage groot provides a pure-go read/write-access to ROOT files.
groot/cmd/root-cproot-cp selects and copies keys from a ROOT file to another ROOT file.
groot/cmd/root-diffroot-diff compares the content of 2 ROOT files, including the content of their Trees (for all entries), if any.
groot/cmd/root-dumproot-dump dumps the content of a ROOT file, including the content of the Trees (for all entries), if any.
groot/cmd/root-gen-datareaderCommand root-gen-datareader generates a Go struct to easily read the event data type stored inside a Tree.
groot/cmd/root-gen-rfuncCommand root-gen-rfunc generates a rfunc.Formula based on a function signature or an already existing function.
groot/cmd/root-gen-streamerCommand root-gen-streamer generates a StreamerInfo for ROOT and user types.
groot/cmd/root-gen-typeCommand root-gen-type generates a Go type from the StreamerInfo contained in a ROOT file.
groot/cmd/root-lsroot-ls lists the content of a ROOT file.
groot/cmd/root-mergeroot-merge merges ROOT files' content into a merged ROOT file.
groot/cmd/root-printroot-print prints ROOT files contents to PDF, PNG, ...
groot/cmd/root-splitroot-split splits an input file+tree into multiple output ROOT files, each containing N entries.
groot/cmd/root-srvroot-srv runs a web server that can inspect and browse ROOT files.
groot/exp/rntupPackage rntup contains types to handle RNTuple-related data.
groot/internal/rcompressrcompress provides types and functions to compress and decompress ROOT data payloads.
groot/rarrowPackage rarrow handles conversion between ROOT and ARROW data models.
groot/rbasePackage rbase contains the definitions of ROOT base classes.
groot/rbytesPackage rbytes contains the definitions of types useful for serializing and deserializing ROOT data buffers.
groot/rcmdPackage rcmd provides helper functions containing the logic of various root-xyz commands.
groot/rcontPackage rcont contains the definitions of ROOT container types, such as TList, THashList and TObjArray.
groot/rdictPackage rdict contains the definition of ROOT streamers and facilities to generate new streamers meta data from user types.
groot/rhistPackage rhist contains the interfaces and definitions of ROOT types related to histograms and graphs.
groot/riofsPackage riofs contains the types and low-level functions to deal with opening and creating ROOT files, and decoding the internal structure of ROOT files.
groot/riofs/plugin/httpPackage http is a plugin for riofs.Open to support opening ROOT files over http(s).
groot/riofs/plugin/xrootdPackage xrootd is a plugin for riofs.Open to support opening ROOT files over xrootd.
groot/rmetaPackage rmeta provides tools to interoperate with ROOT Meta.
groot/rootPackage root defines ROOT core interfaces.
groot/rphysPackage rphys contains definitions for physics-related ROOT classes.
groot/rsqlPackage rsql provides a convenient access to ROOT files/trees as a database.
groot/rsql/rsqldrvPackage rsqldrv registers a database/sql/driver.Driver implementation for ROOT files.
groot/rsrvPackage rsrv exposes HTTP end-points to manipulate ROOT files.
groot/rtreePackage rtree contains the interfaces and types to decode, read, concatenate and iterate over ROOT Trees.
groot/rtree/rfuncPackage rfunc provides types and funcs to implement user-provided formulae evaluated on data exposed by ROOT trees.
groot/rtypesPackage rtypes contains the means to register types (ROOT ones and user defined ones) with the ROOT type factory.
groot/rversPackage rvers contains the ROOT version and the classes' versions groot is supporting and currently reading.
groot/ztypesPackage ztypes holds all the types registered with the rtypes factory.
hbookPackage hbook is a set of data analysis tools for HEP (histograms (1D, 2D, 3D), profiles and ntuples).
hbook/ntupPackage ntup provides a way to create, open and iterate over n-tuple data.
hbook/ntup/ntcsvPackage ntcsv provides a convenient access to CSV files as n-tuple data.
hbook/ntup/ntrootPackage ntroot provides convenience functions to access ROOT trees as n-tuple data.
hbook/rootcnvPackage rootcnv provides tools to convert ROOT histograms and graphs to go-hep/hbook ones.
hbook/yodacnvPackage yodacnv provides tools to read/write YODA archive files.
hepevtPackage hepevt provides access to the HEPEVT event format record from FORTRAN-77.
hepmcPackage hepmc is a pure Go implementation of the C++ HepMC-2 library.
hepmc/go-hepmc-dumpgo-hepmc-dump is a simple command to dump in an almost human-friendly format the content of a hepmc file.
heppdtPackage heppdt provides access to the HEP Particle Data Table.
hplotPackage hplot is a package to plot histograms, n-tuples and functions
hplot/cmd/hplothplot is a simple gnuplot-like command to create plots
lcioPackage lcio provides read/write access to the LCIO data model.
lcio/cmd/lcio-lslcio-ls displays the content of a LCIO file.
lcio/example/lcio-ex-read-eventlcio-ex-read-event is the hep/x/lcio example equivalent to: https://github.com/iLCSoft/LCIO/blob/master/examples/cpp/rootDict/readEventTree.C
lhefPackage lhef implements the "Les Houches Event File" data format.
pawgopawgo is a simple interactive shell to quickly plot hbook histograms from rio files.
rioPackage rio is a record-oriented persistency mechanism.
rio/cmd/rio-ls-recordsrio-ls-records displays the list of records stored in a given rio file.
sioPackage sio implements a record-oriented persistency mechanism.
slhaPackage slha implements encoding and decoding of SUSY Les Houches Accords (SLHA) data format.
sliceop/f64sPackage f64s provides common operations on float64 slices.
xrootdPackage xrootd implements the XRootD protocol from http://xrootd.org
xrootd/cmd/xrd-clientCommand xrd-client provides access to data hosted on XRootD clusters.
xrootd/cmd/xrd-cpCommand xrd-cp copies files and directories from a remote xrootd server to local storage.
xrootd/cmd/xrd-lsCommand xrd-ls lists directory contents on a remote xrootd server.
xrootd/cmd/xrd-srvCommand xrd-srv serves data from a local filesystem over the XRootD protocol.
xrootd/internal/muxPackage mux implements the multiplexer that manages access to and writes data to the channels by corresponding StreamID from xrootd protocol specification.
xrootd/xrdfsPackage xrdfs contains structures representing the XRootD-based filesystem.
xrootd/xrdioPackage xrdio provides a File type that implements various interfaces from the io package.
xrootd/xrdprotoPackage protocol contains the XRootD protocol specific types and methods to handle them, such as marshalling and unmarshalling requests.
xrootd/xrdproto/adminPackage admin contains the types related to the admin request.
xrootd/xrdproto/authPackage auth contains the structures describing auth request.
xrootd/xrdproto/auth/hostPackage host contains the implementation for the "host" security provider.
xrootd/xrdproto/auth/krb5Package krb5 contains the implementation of krb5 (Kerberos) security provider.
xrootd/xrdproto/auth/unixPackage unix contains the implementation of unix security provider.
xrootd/xrdproto/bindPackage bind contains the structures describing bind request and response.
xrootd/xrdproto/chmodPackage chmod contains the structures describing chmod request.
xrootd/xrdproto/decryptPackage decrypt contains the types related to the decrypt request.
xrootd/xrdproto/dirlistPackage dirlist contains the structures describing request and response for dirlist request used to obtain the contents of a directory.
xrootd/xrdproto/endsessPackage endsess contains the types related to the endsess request.
xrootd/xrdproto/handshakePackage handshake contains the structures describing request and response for handshake request (see XRootD specification).
xrootd/xrdproto/locatePackage locate contains the types related to the locate request.
xrootd/xrdproto/loginPackage login contains the structures describing request and response for login request.
xrootd/xrdproto/mkdirPackage mkdir contains the structures describing mkdir request.
xrootd/xrdproto/mvPackage mv contains the structures describing mv request.
xrootd/xrdproto/openPackage open contains the structures describing request and response for open request.
xrootd/xrdproto/pingPackage ping contains the structures describing ping request.
xrootd/xrdproto/preparePackage prepare contains the types related to the prepare request.
xrootd/xrdproto/protocolPackage protocol contains the structures describing request and response for protocol request (see XRootD specification).
xrootd/xrdproto/queryPackage query contains the types related to the query request.
xrootd/xrdproto/readPackage read contains the structures describing request and response for read request.
xrootd/xrdproto/rmPackage rm contains the structures describing rm request.
xrootd/xrdproto/rmdirPackage rmdir contains the structures describing rmdir request.
xrootd/xrdproto/signingPackage signing contains implementation of a way to check if request should be signed according to XRootD protocol specification v.
xrootd/xrdproto/sigverPackage sigver contains the structures describing sigver request.
xrootd/xrdproto/statPackage stat contains the structures describing request and response for stat request.
xrootd/xrdproto/statxPackage statx contains the structures describing request and response for statx request.
xrootd/xrdproto/syncPackage sync contains the structures describing sync request.
xrootd/xrdproto/truncatePackage truncate contains the structures describing truncate request.
xrootd/xrdproto/verifywPackage verifyw contains the structures describing verifyw request.
xrootd/xrdproto/writePackage write contains the structures describing write request.
xrootd/xrdproto/xrdclosePackage xrdclose contains the structures describing request and response for close request.

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