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package packettracing

import ""


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func IsApplicationPacketTraced Uses

func IsApplicationPacketTraced(direction TracingDirection) bool

IsApplicationPacketTraced checks if application

func IsNetworkPacketTraced Uses

func IsNetworkPacketTraced(direction TracingDirection) bool

IsNetworkPacketTraced checks if network mode packet tracign is enabled

type PacketEvent Uses

type PacketEvent string

PacketEvent is string for our packet decision

const (
    PacketDropped  PacketEvent = "Dropped"
    PacketReceived PacketEvent = "Received"
    PacketSent     PacketEvent = "Transmitted"

Enum for all packetevents

type TracingDirection Uses

type TracingDirection int

TracingDirection is used to configure the direction for which we want to trace packets

const (
    Disabled        TracingDirection = 0
    NetworkOnly     TracingDirection = 1
    ApplicationOnly TracingDirection = 2
    Invalid         TracingDirection = 4

TracingDirection enum all possible states

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