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package pkiverifier

import ""


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type DatapathKey Uses

type DatapathKey struct {
    PublicKey  *ecdsa.PublicKey
    Tags       []string
    Expiration time.Time

DatapathKey holds the data path key with the corresponding claims.

type PKITokenIssuer Uses

type PKITokenIssuer interface {
    CreateTokenFromCertificate(*x509.Certificate, []string) ([]byte, error)

PKITokenIssuer is the interface of an object that can issue a PKI token.

func NewPKIIssuer Uses

func NewPKIIssuer(privateKey *ecdsa.PrivateKey) PKITokenIssuer

NewPKIIssuer initializes a new signer structure

type PKITokenVerifier Uses

type PKITokenVerifier interface {
    Verify([]byte) (*DatapathKey, error)

PKITokenVerifier is the interface of an object that can verify a PKI token.

func NewPKIVerifier Uses

func NewPKIVerifier(publicKeys []*ecdsa.PublicKey, cacheValidity time.Duration) PKITokenVerifier

NewPKIVerifier returns a new PKIConfiguration.

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