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package osutils

import "go.chromium.org/chromiumos/infra/go/internal/osutils"


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func Abs Uses

func Abs(path string) string

func DirExists Uses

func DirExists(path string) bool

Verify that a directory exists at the given relative path.

func FindInPathParents Uses

func FindInPathParents(
    pathToFind string,
    startPath string,
    endPath string,
    testFunc func(string) bool) string

Look for a relative path, ascending through parent directories.


pathToFind: The relative path to look for.
startPath: The path to start the search from.  If |startPath| is a
  directory, it will be included in the directories that are searched.
endPath: The path to stop searching.
testFunc: The function to use to verify the relative path.

func PathExists Uses

func PathExists(path string) bool

Verify that the given relative path exists.

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