authPackage auth provides authentication service.
auth/accountPackage account manages service account.
auth/aclPackage acl performs access control with ACL.
auth/authdbPackage authdb provides access to authentication database.
auth/enduserPackage enduser manages end user information with context.
backendPackage backend is goma service backend of /cxx-compiler-service/*.
bytestreamioPackage bytestreamio provides io interfaces on bytestream service.
cachePackage cache provides cache service.
cache/gcsPackage gcs provides cache service by google cloud storage.
cache/redisPackage redis provides cache service by redis (cloud memorystore).
cmd/auth_serverBinary auth_server provides auth service via gRPC.
cmd/cache_serverBinary cache_server provides cache service via gRPC.
cmd/execlog_serverBinary execlog_server provides goma execlog service via gRPC.
cmd/exec_serverBinary exec_server provides goma exec service via gRPC.
cmd/file_serverBinary file_server provides goma file service via gRPC.
cmd/frontendBinary frontend is goma frontend.
cmd/goma_grpc_clientBinary goma_grpc_client is a simple gRPC client of goma api.
cmd/goma_replayBinary goma_replay is a simple goma client for load testing etc.
cmd/remoteexec_proxyBinary remoteexec-proxy is a proxy server between Goma client and Remote Execution API.
commandPackage command manages commands/toolchains.
command/descriptorPackage descriptor provides command descriptor utilities.
command/descriptor/posixpathPackage posixpath handles posix-path (Unix style; slash separeted path).
command/descriptor/winpathPackage winpath handles windows-path (backslash separated path).
command/normalizerPackage normalizer provides functions to normalize target.
command/pathconvPackage pathconv provides path converter between client and server.
execPackage exec provides goma exec service implementation.
execlogPackage execlog provides goma execlog service implementation.
filePackage file provides goma file service implementation.
frontendPackage frontend is goma service frontend (/cxx-compiler-service/*).
fswatchPackage fswatch watches directory with fsnotify.
hashPackage hash provides a hash function used in goma.
httprpcPackage httprpc provides goma httprpc implementation.
httprpc/authdbPackage authdb implements authdb service for goma httprpc.
httprpc/bytestreamPackage bytestream implements bytestream for goma http.
httprpc/execPackage exec implements exec service for goma httprpc.
httprpc/execlogPackage execlog implements log service for goma httprpc.
httprpc/filePackage file implements file service for goma httprpc.
httprpc/settingsPackage settings implements settings service for goma httprpc.
logPackage log provides logging mechanism for goma servers.
log/errorreporterPackage errorreporter provides error reporting functionality.
profilerPackage profiler provides convenient function to enable cloud profiler.
protoPackage proto is top directory for proto packages.
remoteexecPackage remoteexec provides proxy to remoteexec server.
remoteexec/casPackage cas manages content addressable storage.
remoteexec/datasourcePackage datasource provides data source from local file, bytes etc.
remoteexec/digestPackage digest handles content digest for remote executon API,
remoteexec/merkletreePackage merkletree operates on a merkle tree for remote execution API,
rpcPackage rpc provides goma specific rpc features on gRPC.
rpc/grpctestPackage grpctest provides a test server for unit tests that use gRPC.
serverPackage server provides functions for goma servers.
server/healthzPackage healthz provides /healthz for grpc server.

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