appengine/bqlogPackage bqlog provides a mechanism to asynchronously log rows to BigQuery.
appengine/datastorecachePackage datastorecache implements a managed versatile datastore caching.
appengine/gaeauth/clientPackage client implements OAuth2 authentication for outbound connections from Appengine using the application services account.
appengine/gaeauth/serverPackage server implements authentication for inbound HTTP requests on GAE.
appengine/gaeauth/server/gaesignerPackage gaesigner implements signing.Signer interface using GAE App Identity API.
appengine/gaeauth/server/internal/authdbimplPackage authdbimpl implements datastore-based storage and update of AuthDB snapshots used for authorization decisions by server/auth/*.
appengine/gaemiddlewarePackage gaemiddleware provides a standard middleware for Appengine apps.
appengine/gaemiddleware/flexPackage flex exposes gaemiddleware Environments for AppEngine's Flex environment.
appengine/gaemiddleware/standardPackage standard exposes a gaemiddleware Environment for Classic AppEngine.
appengine/gaesecretsPackage gaesecrets implements storage of secret blobs on top of datastore.
appengine/gaesettingsPackage gaesettings implements settings.Storage interface on top of GAE datastore.
appengine/mapperPackage mapper implements a simple Datastore mapper.
appengine/mapper/demoBinary demo contains minimal demo for 'mapper' package.
appengine/mapper/internal/tasksPackage tasks contains definition of task queue tasks used by the mapper.
appengine/mapper/splitterPackage splitter implements SplitIntoRanges function useful when splitting large datastore queries into a bunch of smaller queries with approximately evenly-sized result sets.
appengine/memlockPackage memlock allows multiple appengine handlers to coordinate best-effort mutual execution via memcache.
appengine/metaPackage meta contains some methods for interacting with GAE's metadata APIs.
appengine/tqPackage tq implements simple routing layer for task queue tasks.
appengine/tq/tqtestingPackage tqtesting can be used in unit tests to simulate task queue calls produced by tq.Dispatcher.
appengine/tsmonPackage tsmon adapts common/tsmon library to GAE environment.
authPackage auth implements a wrapper around
auth/authctxPackage authctx allows to run subprocesses in an environment with ambient auth.
auth/client/authcliPackage authcli implements authentication related flags parsing and CLI subcommands.
auth/client/cmd/luci-authCommand luci-auth can be used to interact with OAuth2 token cache on disk.
auth/identityPackage identity defines Identity type and related types and constants.
auth/integration/authtestPackage authtest implements authentication related test helpers.
auth/integration/devshellPackage devshell implements Devshell protocol for locally getting auth token.
auth/integration/firebasePackage firebase implements an auth server that allows firebase-tools to use an exposed OAuth2 TokenSource for auth.
auth/integration/gcemetaPackage gcemeta implements a subset of GCE metadata server protocol.
auth/integration/gsutilPackage gsutil implements a hacky shim that makes gsutil use LUCI local auth.
auth/integration/internal/localsrvPackage localsrv provides helpers for running local TCP servers.
auth/integration/localauthPackage localauth implements localhost HTTP server that hands out tokens to local LUCI-aware processes.
auth/internalPackage internal contains code used internally by auth/integration.
buildbucketPackage buildbucket is a client library for Buildbucket service.
buildbucket/cliPackage cli implements CLI client for buildbucket service.
buildbucket/cmd/luci_runnerCommand luci_runner runs a LUCI executable.
buildbucket/cmd/run_annotationsCommand run_annotations is a LUCI executable that wraps a command that produces @@@ANNOTATIONS@@@, and converts annotations to build message.
buildbucket/deprecatedPackage deprecated is deprecated part of the buildbucket library.
buildbucket/protoPackage buildbucketpb is generated from Buildbucket .proto files.
buildbucket/protoutilPackage protoutil provides utility functions for protobuf messages in ../proto package.
cipd/api/admin/v1Package api contains CIPD backend API definitions.
cipd/api/cipd/v1Package api contains CIPD backend API definitions.
cipd/appengine/backendBinary backend implements HTTP server that handles task queues and crons.
cipd/appengine/frontendBinary frontend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'default' module.
cipd/appengine/implPackage impl instantiates the full implementation of the CIPD backend services.
cipd/appengine/impl/adminPackage admin contains implementation of cipd.Admin RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/casPackage cas contains implementation of cipd.Storage service RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/cas/tasksPackage tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
cipd/appengine/impl/gsPackage gs implement Google Storage API wrapper used by CIPD backend.
cipd/appengine/impl/metadataPackage metadata implements handling of prefix metadata.
cipd/appengine/impl/modelPackage model contains core CIPD datastore entities.
cipd/appengine/impl/repoPackage repo contains implementation of cipd.Repository service RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/repo/processingPackage processing contains code related to post-registration instance processing.
cipd/appengine/impl/repo/tasksPackage tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
cipd/appengine/impl/settingsPackage settings contains definition of global CIPD backend settings.
cipd/appengine/impl/testutilPackage testutil contains helpers used from CIPD backend unit tests.
cipd/appengine/uiPackage ui implements request handlers that serve user facing HTML pages.
cipd/client/cipdPackage cipd implements client side of Chrome Infra Package Deployer.
cipd/client/cipd/builderPackage builder holds functionality for building CIPD packages.
cipd/client/cipd/deployerPackage deployer holds functionality for deploying CIPD packages.
cipd/client/cipd/digestsPackage digests holds types used by selfupdate mechanism to pin client hashes.
cipd/client/cipd/ensurePackage ensure contains methods and types for interacting with the 'ensure file format'.
cipd/client/cipd/fsPackage fs is file-system related utilities used internally by CIPD.
cipd/client/cipd/internal/retryPackage retry contains helpers for doing tight retry loops.
cipd/client/cipd/pkgPackage pkg contains interfaces and struct related to CIPD package files.
cipd/client/cipd/platformPackage platform contains definition of what ${os} and ${arch} mean for the current platform.
cipd/client/cipd/readerPackage reader implements reading contents of a CIPD package.
cipd/client/cipd/templatePackage template implements handling of package name templates.
cipd/client/cliPackage cli implements command line interface for CIPD client.
cipd/client/cmd/cipdPackage main contains CIPD CLI implementation that uses Chrome Infrastructure defaults.
cipd/versionPackage version provides a way for CIPD packaged Go binaries to discover their current package instance ID.
client/archiverPackage archiver implements the pipeline to efficiently archive file sets to an isolated server as fast as possible.
client/cmd/docker-credential-luciCommand docker-credential-luci is a Docker credential helper.
client/cmd/git-credential-luciCommand git-credential-luci is a Git credential helper.
client/cmd/isolatePackage main is a .isolate compiler that compiles .isolate files into .isolated files and can also act as a client to an Isolate server.
client/cmd/isolatedPackage main is an Isolate server client.
client/cmd/swarmingPackage main is a client to a Swarming server.
client/downloaderPackage downloader implements the pipeline to download file sets from an isolated server.
client/flagpbPackage flagpb defines a flag format for protobuf messages, implements a parser and a formatter.
client/internal/commonPackage common implements code and utilities shared across all packages in client/.
client/internal/progressPackage progress implements a progress indicator for text mode applications.
client/isolatePackage isolate implements the code to process '.isolate' files to generate '.isolated' files.
client/versioncliPackage versioncli implements a subcommand for obtaining version with the CLI.
common/api/buildbucket/buildbucket/v1Package buildbucket provides access to the Build Bucket Service.
common/api/buildbucket/swarmbucket/v1Package swarmbucket provides access to the Buildbucket-Swarming integration.
common/api/gitilesPackage gitiles implements GitilesClient in "" package on top of Gitiles's REST API.
common/api/isolate/isolateservice/v1Package isolateservice provides access to the .
common/api/luci_config/config/v1Package config provides access to the Configuration Service.
common/api/swarming/swarming/v1Package swarming provides access to the .
common/bqPackage bq is a library for working with BigQuery.
common/cliPackage cli is a helper package for "".
common/clockPackage clock is an interface to system time and timers which is easy to test.
common/data/base128Package base128 implements base128 encoding and decoding.
common/data/caching/cachePackage cache implements both in-memory and on-disk caching.
common/data/caching/cacheContextPackage cacheContext implements a context.Context wrapper which caches the results of Value calls, speeding up subsequent calls for the same key.
common/data/caching/lazyslotPackage lazyslot implements a caching scheme for globally shared objects that take significant time to refresh.
common/data/caching/lruPackage lru provides least-recently-used (LRU) cache.
common/data/cmpbinPackage cmpbin provides binary serialization routines which ensure that the serialized objects maintain the same sort order of the original inputs when sorted bytewise (i.e.
common/data/jsontimePackage jsontime implements a JSON-serializable container for a time.Time.
common/data/rand/cryptorandPackage cryptorand implements a mockable source or crypto strong randomness.
common/data/rand/mathrandPackage mathrand implements a mockable interface for math/rand.Rand.
common/data/recordioPackage recordio implements a basic RecordIO reader and writer.
common/data/sortbyPackage sortby provides a succinct way to generate correctly-behaved Less functions for use with the stdlib 'sort' package.
common/data/stringsetPackage stringset is an exceedingly simple 'set' implementation for strings.
common/data/strpairPackage strpair implements parsing and formatting of lists of colon-delimited key-value pair strings.
common/data/text/patternPackage pattern implements lightweight parsable string patterns.
common/data/text/sanitizehtmlPackage sanitizehtml implements a sanitizer of a very limited HTML.
common/data/text/stringtemplatePackage stringtemplate implements Python string.Template-like substitution.
common/data/text/templateprotoPackage templateproto defines a proto-based way to configure templates for JSON documents.
common/data/text/unitsPackage units provides common useful printable units.
common/data/treapstorePackage treapstore is a lightweight append-only in-memory key-value store built on top a treap (tree + heap) implementation.
common/errorsPackage errors is an augmented replacement package for the stdlib "errors" package.
common/flag/flagenumPackage flagenum is a utility package which facilitates implementation of flag.Value, json.Marshaler, and json.Unmarshaler interfaces via a string-to- value mapping.
common/flag/multiflagPackage multiflag is a package providing a flag.Value implementation capable of switching between multiple registered sub-flags, each of which have their own set of parameter flags.
common/flag/stringlistflagPackage stringlistflag provides a flag.Value implementation which resolves multiple args into a []string.
common/flag/stringmapflagPackage stringmapflag provides a flag.Value that, when parsed, augments a map[string]string with the supplied parameter.
common/flag/stringsetflagPackage stringsetflag provides a flag.Value implementation which resolves multiple args into a stringset.
common/gcloud/gaePackage gae defines information about the AppEngine environment.
common/gcloud/googleoauthPackage googleoauth contains some helpers related to Google OAuth2.
common/gcloud/gsPackage gs implements a versatile Google Storage client on top of the standard Google Storage Go API.
common/gcloud/iamPackage iam implements wrappers around some Google Cloud IAM APIs.
common/iotoolsPackage iotools contains a collection of I/O-related utility structs and methods.
common/isolatedPackage isolated defines the isolated common code shared by the client and server.
common/isolatedclientPackage isolatedclient implements the API to communicate with the Isolated server and to process '.isolated' files.
common/isolatedclient/isolatedfakePackage isolatedfake implements an in-process fake Isolated server for integration testing.
common/lhttpPackage lhttp implements HTTP client helper code (JSON, automatic retries, authentication, etc).
common/loggingPackage logging defines Logger interface and context.Context helpers to put\get logger from context.Context.
common/logging/gkeloggerPackage gkelogger is a logger that outputs all log entries as single-line JSON objects to stdout or stderr.
common/logging/gologgerPackage gologger is a compatibility layer between go-logging library and luci-go/common/logging.
common/protoPackage proto contains protobuf-related utilities.
common/proto/accessPackage access contains Access service protocol.
common/proto/configPackage config contains luci-config protobuf definitions.
common/proto/examplesPackage examples shows how to design protos which adhere to the Google Cloud API design guide.
common/proto/gerritPackage gerrit contains Gerrit service definition.
common/proto/gitPackage git contains Git-related protobuf definitions.
common/proto/gitilesPackage gitiles contains Gitiles service definition.
common/proto/googlePackage google contains utility methods to help interface between Google standard protobufs and native Go types.
common/proto/google/descutilPackage descutil contains utility functions for protobuf descriptor messages.
common/proto/miloPackage milo contains Milo protobuf definitions.
common/proto/srcmanPackage srcman contains source manifest protobuf definitions.
common/retry/transientPackage transient allows you to tag and retry 'transient' errors (i.e.
common/runtime/goroutinePackage goroutine is mostly to house a function for obtaining the current goroutine ID, but probably will eventually contain other naughty functions.
common/runtime/paniccatcherPackage paniccatcher package exposes a set of utility structures and methods that support standardized panic catching and handling.
common/runtime/tracerPackage tracer implements code to generate Chrome-compatible traces.
common/sync/cancelcondPackage cancelcond implements a wrapper around sync.Cond that response to context.Context cancellation.
common/sync/dispatcherPackage dispatcher implements a super-charged version of a buffered channel connected to a (potentially) parallelized work dispatcher.
common/sync/dispatcher/bufferPackage buffer implements a batching buffer with batch lease and retry management.
common/sync/mutexpoolPackage mutexpool implements P, a pool of keyed mutexes.
common/system/environPackage environ is an environment variable manipulation library.
common/system/exec2Package exec2 is like os/exec but supports timeout in Wait and process containment for unix using process group.
common/system/exitcodePackage exitcode provides common methods to extract exit codes from errors returned by exec.Cmd.
common/system/pagerPackage pager implements paging using commands "less" or "more", depending on availability.
common/system/proberPackage prober exports Probe, which implements logic to identify a wrapper's wrapped target.
common/system/signalsPackage signals makes it easier to catch SIGTERM.
common/system/terminalPackage terminal is just a way to forward
common/testing/assertionsPackage assertions is designed to be a collection of `.` importable, goconvey compatible testing assertions, in the style of "".
common/testing/prpctestPackage prpctest is a package to facilitate pRPC testing by wrapping httptest with a pRPC Server.
common/tsmonPackage tsmon contains global state and utility functions for configuring and interacting with tsmon.
common/tsmon/distributionPackage distribution contains distribution metrics, fixed width and geometric bucketers.
common/tsmon/fieldPackage field contains constructors for metric field definitions.
common/tsmon/metricPackage metric is the API for defining metrics and updating their values.
common/tsmon/monitorPackage monitor contains the code for sending metric data to monitoring endpoints.
common/tsmon/registryPackage registry holds a map of all metrics registered by the process.
common/tsmon/runtimestatsPackage runtimestats exposes metrics related to the Go runtime.
common/tsmon/storePackage store contains code for storing and retrieving metrics.
common/tsmon/store/storetestPackage storetest is imported exclusively by tests for Store implementations.
common/tsmon/targetPackage target contains information about the thing that is sending metrics - either a NetworkDevice (a machine) or a Task (a service).
common/tsmon/ts_mon_protoPackage ts_mon_proto contains ts_mon protobuf source and generated protobuf data.
common/tsmon/typesPackage types contains miscellaneous structs and interfaces used throughout tsmon.
common/tsmon/versionsPackage versions allows processes to report string-valued metrics with versions of various libraries they link with.
configPackage config contains a client to access LUCI configuration service.
config/appengine/backend/memcachePackage memcache implements a caching config client backend backed by AppEngine's memcache service.
config/appengine/gaeconfigPackage gaeconfig implements LUCI-config service bindings backed by AppEngine storage and caching.
config/impl/erroringPackage erroring implements a backend that always returns an error for all of its calls.
config/impl/filesystemPackage filesystem implements a file system backend for the config client.
config/impl/memoryPackage memory implements in-memory backend for the config client.
config/server/cfgclientPackage cfgclient contains service implementations for the LUCI configuration service defined in
config/server/cfgclient/accessPackage access implements a config service access check against a project config client.
config/server/cfgclient/backendPackage backend implements configuration client backend interface and associated data types.
config/server/cfgclient/backend/cachingPackage caching implements a config.Interface that uses a caching layer to store its configuration values.
config/server/cfgclient/backend/clientPackage client implements a config client backend for a configuration client.
config/server/cfgclient/backend/erroringPackage erroring implements config.Backend that simply returns an error.
config/server/cfgclient/backend/formatPackage format implements a config client Backend that performs formatting on items.
config/server/cfgclient/textprotoPackage textproto implements a textproto config service Resolver.
config/validationPackage validation provides helpers for performing and setting up handlers for config validation related requests from luci-config.
cq/api/config/v2Package config contains CQ Config API.
cq/appengine/configPackage config implements validation and common manipulation of CQ config files.
cq/appengine/frontendBinary frontend is the main entry point for the CQ app.
dmPackage dm is the service and tooling for the Dungeon Master (DM) distributed dependency scheduling service.
dm/appenginePackage appengine provides the appengine service implementation for DM.
dm/appengine/depsPackage deps implements DM's Deps RPC methods.
dm/appengine/distributorPackage distributor contains all the adaptors for the various supported distributor protocols.
dm/appengine/frontendBinary frontend is DM's Google AppEngine application stub.
dm/appengine/modelPackage model contains all of DM's datastore models.
dm/appengine/mutatePackage mutate includes the main logic of DM's state machine.
examples/appengine/helloworld_standard/frontendPackage main implements HTTP server that handles requests to default module.
gce/api/config/v1Package config contains VM config definitions.
gce/api/instances/v1Package instances contains a GCE instances service.
gce/api/projects/v1Package projects contains GCP project config definitions.
gce/api/tasks/v1Package tasks contains task queue task definitions.
gce/appengine/backendPackage backend includes cron and task queue handlers.
gce/appengine/backend/internal/metricsPackage metrics includes tsmon metric support.
gce/appengine/frontendPackage main is the main entry point for the app.
gce/appengine/modelPackage model contains datastore model definitions.
gce/appengine/rpcPackage rpc contains RPC server implementations.
gce/appengine/rpc/memoryPackage memory contains a RPC servers backed by in-memory storage.
gce/appengine/testing/roundtripperPackage roundtripper contains http.RoundTripper implementations suitable for testing.
gce/vmtokenPackage vmtoken implements parsing and verification of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.
gce/vmtoken/clientPackage client implements client-side fetch and transmission of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.
grpc/cmd/prpcCommand prpc can make RPCs to pRPC servers and display their description.
grpc/cmd/svcdecCommand svcdec stands for 'service decorator'.
grpc/cmd/svcmuxCommand svcmux reads a service interface XYZServer generated by protoc and generates VersionedXYZV struct that stores a map version->implementation, and a default version.
grpc/discoveryPackage discovery implements RPC service introspection.
grpc/grpcmonPackage grpcmon defines gRPC interceptors with monitoring instrumentation.
grpc/grpcutilPackage grpcutil is a utility package to supplement Google's gRPC package, "".
grpc/internal/svctoolPackage svctool implements svcmux/svcdec tools command line parsing
grpc/loggingPackage logging implements a gRPC glog.Logger implementation backed by a Logger.
grpc/prpcPackage prpc (provisional RPC) implements an RPC client over HTTP 1.x.
grpc/svcmuxPackage svcmux contains utility functions used by code generated by svcmux tool.
hardcoded/chromeinfraPackage chromeinfra contains hardcoded values related to Chrome Infra.
logdog/api/config/svcconfigPackage svcconfig stores service configuration for a LogDog instance.
logdog/api/config/svcconfig/validatePackage main implements the LogDog Coordinator validation binary.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/admin/v1Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator service interface.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/logs/v1Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator user interface.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/registration/v1Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator stream registration interface.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/services/v1Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator backend service interface.
logdog/api/logpbPackage logpb contains LogDog protobuf source and generated protobuf data.
logdog/client/annotee/annotationPackage annotation implements a state machine that constructs Milo annotation protobufs from a series of annotation commands.
logdog/client/annotee/executorPackage executor contains an implementation of the Annotee Executor.
logdog/client/bootstrapResultPackage bootstrapResult defines a common way to express the result of bootstrapping a command via JSON.
logdog/client/butlerPackage butler is the main engine for the Butler executable.
logdog/client/butler/bootstrapPackage bootstrap handles Butler-side bootstrapping functionality.
logdog/client/butler/buffered_callbackPackage buffered_callback provides functionality to wrap around LogEntry callbacks to guarantee calling only on complete LogEntries, because the LogDog bundler produces fragmented LogEntries under normal operation, in order to meet time or buffer size requirements.
logdog/client/butler/bundlerPackage bundler is responsible for efficiently transforming aggregate stream data into Butler messages for export.
logdog/client/butlerlib/streamprotoPackage streamproto describes the protocol primitives used by LogDog/Butler for stream negotiation.
logdog/client/butler/outputPackage output contains interfaces and implementations for Butler Outputs, which are responsible for delivering Butler protobufs to LogDog collection endpoints.
logdog/client/butler/output/logPackage log implements the "log" Output.
logdog/client/butler/output/pubsubPackage pubsub implements the "pubsub" Output.
logdog/client/cmd/logdog_butlerPackage main is entry point for the command-line LogDog Butler application.
logdog/client/pubsubprotocolPackage pubsubprotocol implements the LogDog pubsub wire protocol.
logdog/common/archivePackage archive constructs a LogDog archive out of log stream components.
logdog/common/rendererPackage renderer exports the capability to render a LogDog log stream to an io.Writer.
logdog/common/storage/archivePackage archive implements a storage.Storage instance that retrieves logs from a Google Storage archive.
logdog/common/storage/archive/logdog_archive_testPackage main implements a simple CLI tool to load and interact with Google Storage archived data.
logdog/common/storage/bigtablePackage bigtable provides an implementation of the Storage interface backed by Google Cloud Platform's BigTable.
logdog/common/storage/bigtable/logdog_bigtable_testPackage main implements a simple CLI tool to load and interact with storage data in Google BigTable data.
logdog/common/storage/memoryPackage memory implements in-memory Storage structures.
logdog/common/viewerPackage viewer is a support library to interact with the LogDog web app and log stream viewer.
logdog/server/collectorPackage collector implements the LogDog Collector daemon's log parsing and registration logic.
logdog/server/collector/coordinatorPackage coordinator implements a minimal interface to the Coordinator service that is sufficient for Collector usage.
logdog/server/service/configPackage config implements common LogDog daemon configuration.
lucicfgPackage lucicfg contains LUCI config generator.
lucicfg/cliPackage cli contains command line interface for lucicfg tool.
lucicfg/cli/basePackage base contains code shared by other CLI subpackages.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/diffPackage diff implements 'semantic-diff' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/generatePackage generate implements 'generate' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/validatePackage validate implements 'validate' subcommand.
lucicfg/docPackage doc generates starlark documentation.
lucicfg/docgenPackage docgen generates documentation from Starlark code.
lucicfg/docgen/astPackage ast defines AST relevant for the documentation generation.
lucicfg/docgen/docstringPackage docstring parses docstrings into more structured representation.
lucicfg/docgen/symbolsPackage symbols defines a data model representing Starlark symbols.
lucicfg/graphPackage graph implements a DAG used internally to represent config objects.
lucicfg/normalizePackage normalize contains functions to "flatten" and normalize LUCI configs.
lucicfg/starlarkPackage starlark is generated by
lucicfg/testprotoPackage testproto contains proto messages used exclusively in unit tests.
lucicfg/varsPackage vars implement lucicfg.var() support.
lucictxPackage lucictx implements a Go client for the protocol defined here:
luciexePackage luciexe documents the "LUCI Executable" protocol, and contains constants which are part of this protocol.
luciexe/exePackage exe provides a client for the luciexe protocol which allows you to write a luciexe-compliant binary.
luciexe/hostPackage host implements the 'Host Application' portion of the luciexe protocol.
luciexe/invokePackage invoke implements the process of invoking a 'luciexe' compatible subprocess, but without setting up any of the 'host' requirements (like a Logdog Butler or LUCI Auth).
luci_notify/cmd/preview_emailCommand preview_email renders an email template file.
luci_notify/mailtmplPackage mailtmpl implements email template bundling and execution.
machine-db/appengine/frontendPackage main contains the Machine Database AppEngine front end.
machine-db/appengine/uiPackage ui contains Machine Database web UI.
machine-db/client/cliPackage cli contains the Machine Database command-line client.
machine-db/commonPackage common contains common Machine Database functions.
milo/api/buildbotPackage buildbot defines types used in Buildbot build protocol, e.g.
milo/buildsource/buildbot/buildstorePackage buildstore implements storage of //milo/api/buildbot/* types.
milo/gitPackage git provides high level API for Git/Gerrit data.
milo/git/gitaclsPackage gitacls implements read ACLs for Git/Gerrit data.
milo/git/gittestPackage gittest is a generated GoMock package.
scheduler/api/scheduler/v1Package scheduler contains the main API of Scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/aclPackage acl implements ACLs for enforcement in API and UI.
scheduler/appengine/apiserversPackage apiservers implements gRPC APIs exposed by Scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/catalogPackage catalog implements a part that talks to luci-config service to fetch and parse job definitions.
scheduler/appengine/enginePackage engine implements the core logic of the scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/engine/dssetPackage dsset implements a particular flavor of datastore-backed set.
scheduler/appengine/engine/policyPackage policy contains implementation of triggering policy functions.
scheduler/appengine/frontendBinary frontend implements GAE web server for luci-scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/internalPackage internal contains internal structs used by the tasks and the engine.
scheduler/appengine/presentationPackage presentation implements common method to API and UI serving.
scheduler/appengine/taskPackage task defines interface between Scheduler engine and implementations of particular tasks (such as URL fetch tasks, Swarming tasks, DM tasks, etc).
scheduler/appengine/task/buildbucketPackage buildbucket implements tasks that run Buildbucket jobs.
scheduler/appengine/task/noopPackage noop implements tasks that do nothing at all.
scheduler/appengine/task/urlfetchPackage urlfetch implements tasks that just make HTTP calls.
scheduler/appengine/task/utilsPackage utils contains a bunch of small functions used by task/ subpackages.
scheduler/appengine/uiPackage ui implements request handlers that serve user facing HTML pages.
serverPackage server implements an environment for running LUCI servers.
server/analyticsPackage analytics provides a standard way to store the Google Analytics tracking ID.
server/authPackage auth implements authentication and authorization framework for HTTP servers.
server/auth/authdbPackage authdb contains definition of Authentication Database (aka AuthDB).
server/auth/authdb/dumpPackage dump implements loading AuthDB from dumps in Google Storage.
server/auth/authtestPackage authtest implements some interfaces used by auth package to simplify unit testing.
server/auth/delegationPackage delegation contains low-level API for working with delegation tokens.
server/auth/openidPackage openid implements OpenID Connect Login protocol (client side).
server/auth/servicePackage service implements a wrapper around API exposed by auth_service:
server/auth/signingPackage signing provides interfaces to sign arbitrary small blobs with RSA-SHA256 signature (PKCS1v15) and verify such signatures.
server/auth/signing/signingtestPackage signingtest implements signing.Signer interface using small random keys.
server/auth/xsrfPackage xsrf provides Cross Site Request Forgery prevention middleware.
server/cachingPackage caching implements common server object caches.
server/caching/cachingtestPackage cachingtest contains helpers for testing code that uses caching package.
server/caching/layeredPackage layered provides a two-layer cache for serializable objects.
server/internalPackage internal is supporting code used by server.go.
server/middlewarePackage middleware defines base type for context-aware HTTP request handler.
server/portalPackage portal implements HTTP routes for portal pages.
server/portal/internal/assetsPackage assets is generated by
server/pprofPackage pprof is similar to net/http/pprof, except it supports auth.
server/redisconnPackage redisconn is a facade for Redis connection pool.
server/routerPackage router provides an HTTP router with support for middleware and subrouters.
server/secretsPackage secrets provides an interface for a simple secret store: you ask it for a secret (a byte blob, identifies by some key), and it returns it to you (current version, as well as a bunch of previous versions).
server/secrets/testsecretsPackage testsecrets provides a dumb in-memory secret store to use in unit tests.
server/settingsPackage settings implements storage for infrequently changing global settings.
server/templatesPackage templates implements wrapper around html/template to provide lazy loading of templates and better integration with HTTP middleware framework.
server/tokensPackage tokens provides means to generate and validate base64 encoded tokens compatible with luci-py's components.auth implementation.
server/tsmonPackage tsmon adapts common/tsmon library to a server-side environment.
server/warmupPackage warmup allows to register hooks executed during the server warmup.
starlark/builtinsPackage builtins is a collection of potentially useful Starlark builtins.
starlark/interpreterPackage interpreter contains customized Starlark interpreter.
starlark/protohacksPackage protohacks is temporary.
starlark/starlarkprotoPackage starlarkproto exposes protobuf messages as starlark types.
starlark/starlarktestPackage starlarktest contains utilities for running Starlark tests.
starlark/typedPackage typed contains implementation of strongly-typed lists and dicts.
tokenserver/apiPackage tokenserver contains common protobuf messages for the token server.
tokenserver/api/admin/v1Package admin contains The Token Server Administrative and Config API.
tokenserver/api/bqPackage bq contains BigQuery tables schemas.
tokenserver/api/minter/v1Package minter contains the main API of the token server.
tokenserver/appengine/backendBinary backend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'backend' module.
tokenserver/appengine/frontendBinary frontend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'default' module.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/certcheckerPackage certchecker contains implementation of CertChecker.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/certconfigPackage certconfig contains code to work with imported CAs and their CRLs.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/machinetokenPackage machinetoken implements generation of LUCI machine tokens.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/admin/adminsrvPackage adminsrv implements Admin API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/admin/certauthoritiesPackage certauthorities implements CertificateAuthorities API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/minter/tokenminterPackage tokenminter implements TokenMinter API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utilsPackage utils contains a variety of small utility functions used by other tokenserver packages.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/identitysetPackage identityset implements a set-like structure for identity.Identity.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/policyPackage policy contains implementation of Policy parsing and querying.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/revocationPackage revocation contains utilities for implementing token revocation.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/shardsPackage shards provides a low level support for implementing sharded set of []byte blobs.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/tokensigningPackage tokensigning implements utilities for RSA-signing of proto messages.
tokenserver/clientPackage client implements pRPC client for The Token Server.
tokenserver/cmd/luci_machine_tokendCommand luci_machine_tokend runs on all machines via cron.
tools/cmd/apigenPackage main hosts the Cloud Endpoints API generator utility.
tools/cmd/assetsPackage main hosts the utility that converts binary assets into assets.gen.go file, so that they can be baked directly into the executable.
tools/cmd/bqschemaupdaterCommand bqschemaupdater accepts location and schema of a BigQuery table and creates or updates the table.
tools/cmd/gorunPackage main defines the `gorun` tool, a shorthand tool to extend the "go run"-like convenience to packages.
tumblePackage tumble is a distributed multi-stage transaction processor for appengine.
vpythonPackage vpython implements the vpython tool and associated libraries.
vpython/api/vpythonPackage vpython contains `vpython` environment definition protobufs.
vpython/venv/assetsPackage assets is generated by
web/gowrappers/rpcexplorerPackage rpcexplorer contains complied RPCExplorer web app.
web/gowrappers/rpcexplorer/internalPackage internal is generated by

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