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package extra25519

import ""

blatent grep of until we have a better solution


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func PrivateKeyToCurve25519 Uses

func PrivateKeyToCurve25519(curve25519Private *[32]byte, privateKey ed25519.PrivateKey)

PrivateKeyToCurve25519 converts an ed25519 private key into a corresponding curve25519 private key such that the resulting curve25519 public key will equal the result from PublicKeyToCurve25519.

func PublicKeyToCurve25519 Uses

func PublicKeyToCurve25519(curve25519Public *[32]byte, publicKey ed25519.PublicKey) bool

PublicKeyToCurve25519 converts an Ed25519 public key into the curve25519 public key that would be generated from the same private key.

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