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package multilogs

import ""


Package Files

private_readidx.go userfeeds.go


const IndexNameFeeds = "userFeeds"
const IndexNamePrivates = "privates"

func OpenUserFeeds Uses

func OpenUserFeeds(r repo.Interface) (multilog.MultiLog, repo.ServeFunc, error)

func UserFeedsUpdate Uses

func UserFeedsUpdate(ctx context.Context, seq margaret.Seq, value interface{}, mlog multilog.MultiLog) error

type Private Uses

type Private struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPrivateRead Uses

func NewPrivateRead(log kitlog.Logger, kps ...*ssb.KeyPair) *Private

not strictly a multilog but allows multiple keys and gives us the good resumption

func (Private) OpenBadger Uses

func (pr Private) OpenBadger(r repo.Interface) (multilog.MultiLog, repo.ServeFunc, error)

OpenBadger uses a pretty memory hungry but battle-tested backend

func (Private) OpenRoaring Uses

func (pr Private) OpenRoaring(r repo.Interface) (multilog.MultiLog, repo.ServeFunc, error)

OpenRoaring uses roaring bitmaps with a slim key-value store backend

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