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package encoding

import ""

Package encoding package provides helper functions to encode/decode a Point/Scalar in hexadecimal.


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func PointToStringHex Uses

func PointToStringHex(group kyber.Group, point kyber.Point) (string, error)

PointToStringHex converts a point to a hexadecimal representation

func ReadHexPoint Uses

func ReadHexPoint(group kyber.Group, r io.Reader) (kyber.Point, error)

ReadHexPoint reads a point from r in hex representation.

func ReadHexScalar Uses

func ReadHexScalar(group kyber.Group, r io.Reader) (kyber.Scalar, error)

ReadHexScalar takes a hex-encoded scalar and returns that scalar, optionally an error

func ScalarToStringHex Uses

func ScalarToStringHex(group kyber.Group, scalar kyber.Scalar) (string, error)

ScalarToStringHex encodes a scalar to hexadecimal.

func StringHexToPoint Uses

func StringHexToPoint(group kyber.Group, s string) (kyber.Point, error)

StringHexToPoint reads a hexadecimal representation of a point from a string.

func StringHexToScalar Uses

func StringHexToScalar(group kyber.Group, str string) (kyber.Scalar, error)

StringHexToScalar reads a scalar in hexadecimal from string

func WriteHexPoint Uses

func WriteHexPoint(group kyber.Group, w io.Writer, point kyber.Point) error

WriteHexPoint writes a point in hex representation to w.

func WriteHexScalar Uses

func WriteHexScalar(group kyber.Group, w io.Writer, scalar kyber.Scalar) error

WriteHexScalar converts a scalar key to a hex-string

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