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package v3rpc

import ""

Package v3rpc implements etcd v3 RPC system based on gRPC.


Package Files

auth.go codec.go grpc.go header.go interceptor.go key.go lease.go maintenance.go member.go metrics.go quota.go util.go watch.go

func FiltersFromRequest Uses

func FiltersFromRequest(creq *pb.WatchCreateRequest) []mvcc.FilterFunc

FiltersFromRequest returns "mvcc.FilterFunc" from a given watch create request.

func GetProgressReportInterval Uses

func GetProgressReportInterval() time.Duration

GetProgressReportInterval returns the current progress report interval (for testing).

func NewKVServer Uses

func NewKVServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.KVServer

func NewLeaseServer Uses

func NewLeaseServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.LeaseServer

func NewMaintenanceServer Uses

func NewMaintenanceServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.MaintenanceServer

func NewQuotaKVServer Uses

func NewQuotaKVServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.KVServer

func NewQuotaLeaseServer Uses

func NewQuotaLeaseServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.LeaseServer

func NewWatchServer Uses

func NewWatchServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) pb.WatchServer

NewWatchServer returns a new watch server.

func Server Uses

func Server(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer, tls *tls.Config, gopts ...grpc.ServerOption) *grpc.Server

func SetProgressReportInterval Uses

func SetProgressReportInterval(newTimeout time.Duration)

SetProgressReportInterval updates the current progress report interval (for testing).

type Alarmer Uses

type Alarmer interface {
    // Alarms is implemented in Server interface located in etcdserver/server.go
    // It returns a list of alarms present in the AlarmStore
    Alarms() []*pb.AlarmMember
    Alarm(ctx context.Context, ar *pb.AlarmRequest) (*pb.AlarmResponse, error)

type AuthGetter Uses

type AuthGetter interface {
    AuthInfoFromCtx(ctx context.Context) (*auth.AuthInfo, error)
    AuthStore() auth.AuthStore

type AuthServer Uses

type AuthServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewAuthServer Uses

func NewAuthServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) *AuthServer

func (*AuthServer) AuthDisable Uses

func (as *AuthServer) AuthDisable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthDisableRequest) (*pb.AuthDisableResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) AuthEnable Uses

func (as *AuthServer) AuthEnable(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthEnableRequest) (*pb.AuthEnableResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) AuthStatus Uses

func (as *AuthServer) AuthStatus(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthStatusRequest) (*pb.AuthStatusResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) Authenticate Uses

func (as *AuthServer) Authenticate(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthenticateRequest) (*pb.AuthenticateResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleAdd Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleAddRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleDelete Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleGet Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleGetRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleGrantPermission Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleGrantPermission(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleGrantPermissionRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleGrantPermissionResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleList Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleListRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleListResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) RoleRevokePermission Uses

func (as *AuthServer) RoleRevokePermission(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthRoleRevokePermissionRequest) (*pb.AuthRoleRevokePermissionResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserAdd Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserAddRequest) (*pb.AuthUserAddResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserChangePassword Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserChangePassword(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserChangePasswordRequest) (*pb.AuthUserChangePasswordResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserDelete Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserDelete(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserDeleteRequest) (*pb.AuthUserDeleteResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserGet Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserGet(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGetRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGetResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserGrantRole Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserGrantRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserGrantRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserGrantRoleResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserList Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserListRequest) (*pb.AuthUserListResponse, error)

func (*AuthServer) UserRevokeRole Uses

func (as *AuthServer) UserRevokeRole(ctx context.Context, r *pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleRequest) (*pb.AuthUserRevokeRoleResponse, error)

type BackendGetter Uses

type BackendGetter interface {
    Backend() backend.Backend

type ClusterServer Uses

type ClusterServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClusterServer Uses

func NewClusterServer(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) *ClusterServer

func (*ClusterServer) MemberAdd Uses

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberAdd(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberAddRequest) (*pb.MemberAddResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberList Uses

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberList(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberListRequest) (*pb.MemberListResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberPromote Uses

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberPromote(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberPromoteRequest) (*pb.MemberPromoteResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberRemove Uses

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberRemove(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberRemoveRequest) (*pb.MemberRemoveResponse, error)

func (*ClusterServer) MemberUpdate Uses

func (cs *ClusterServer) MemberUpdate(ctx context.Context, r *pb.MemberUpdateRequest) (*pb.MemberUpdateResponse, error)

type ClusterStatusGetter Uses

type ClusterStatusGetter interface {
    IsLearner() bool

type Downgrader Uses

type Downgrader interface {
    Downgrade(ctx context.Context, dr *pb.DowngradeRequest) (*pb.DowngradeResponse, error)

type KVGetter Uses

type KVGetter interface {
    KV() mvcc.ConsistentWatchableKV

type LeaderTransferrer Uses

type LeaderTransferrer interface {
    MoveLeader(ctx context.Context, lead, target uint64) error

type LeaseServer Uses

type LeaseServer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseGrant Uses

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseGrant(ctx context.Context, cr *pb.LeaseGrantRequest) (*pb.LeaseGrantResponse, error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseKeepAlive Uses

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseKeepAlive(stream pb.Lease_LeaseKeepAliveServer) (err error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseLeases Uses

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseLeases(ctx context.Context, rr *pb.LeaseLeasesRequest) (*pb.LeaseLeasesResponse, error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseRevoke Uses

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseRevoke(ctx context.Context, rr *pb.LeaseRevokeRequest) (*pb.LeaseRevokeResponse, error)

func (*LeaseServer) LeaseTimeToLive Uses

func (ls *LeaseServer) LeaseTimeToLive(ctx context.Context, rr *pb.LeaseTimeToLiveRequest) (*pb.LeaseTimeToLiveResponse, error)


rpctypesPackage rpctypes has types and values shared by the etcd server and client for v3 RPC interaction.

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